Draw Something – the Psychiatrist?


Draw Something – The Psychiatrist? – Draw Something, one of the most popular apps of 2012 but has anyone seen how the addiction can tear lives apart? Well Mark has been bitten by the evil mistress of Draw Something addiction – he needs help to break its illusive spell but might not have been the first time he’s been addicted. So now he’s seeker out the help of Dr. B. Ross to help out! We thought we’d give a highbrow style video a try after being challenged, so let us know what you think! Subscribe for new videos! Chat with us on Facebook: wwww.Facebook.com Follow us on Twitter: www.Twitter.com Mark: www.imdb.com Zara: www.imdb.me www.spotlight.com


Facebook didn't cause your psychosis – but it sure doesn't help

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As Internet access becomes increasingly widespread, so do related psychopathologies such as Internet addiction and delusions related to the technology and to virtual relationships. Computer communications such as Facebook and chat groups are an …
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