Server Basics (1) | Setup a Domain Controller | Windows Server 2008 R2


Server Basics (1) | Setup a Domain Controller | Windows Server 2008 R2 – – How to setup a Windows Domain Controller running Windows Server 2008 R2. How to setup Active Directory Domain Services and DNS. Check out the newer full tutorial using Server 2012 New and improved website: SERVER BASICS 2011 PLAYLIST: Music From More PC-Addicts Subscribe! Youtube Channel Follow us on Twitter Find us on Facebook Chat LIVE with other PC-Addicts members Check out our websites – PC-Addicts website http – Greatshark IRC – FREE PC-Addicts URL Trimming Service – “configure dns” “active directory” windows 2008 r2 server domain controller dns active directory ad basic setup install “computer tips & tricks” tips tricks tech hacks live support chat domain


Cravings and Christ: A Chat with author Mary DeTurris Poust

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Making a Writing Plan for the New Year

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21 Responses to Server Basics (1) | Setup a Domain Controller | Windows Server 2008 R2

  • PCAddictsLive says:


  • Pavlo Ferrum says:


  • PCAddictsLive says:

    Access services??

  • 09wattry says:

    Hey every time I install the access services my server gets stuck in? a black screen after the login screen???

  • PCAddictsLive says:

    You are welcome… Good luck with your? interview! Hope the videos helped 🙂

  • therealCamoron says:

    Thank you for these videos. I’ve done most of this stuff before in the classroom but that was years ago. I have a technical interview for a job coming up and I am super nervous so I am trying to find a good way? to quickly review a lot of stuff I may have forgotten so I will be prepared.

  • PCAddictsLive says:


  • kvn864 says:

    Chris? this is exactly correct.

  • Brian Barrick says:

    Just make sure that the printer is shared out of that computer. Go to the computer you want to use it on, go? to Devices and Printers, Add Printer and browse for the computer that the printer is shared from, not the printer itself.

  • PCAddictsLive says:

    You could try to share the printer on the client computer, then from the other client computer you might be able to add printer, and then? search for shared printers on that particular client. I haven’t had to do this in a very long time.

  • sharath kumar says:

    can you let me know how to? share a printer connected through a USB to a client computer ,which should be shared????Thanks n ur xlnt!!!

  • moro ako says:

    thanks for your video, but sir could you please advise me, why every time joint a ? client domain user account in our server after that the internet connection access of the user is become slow speed ? 🙁

  • ironmans928 says:

    @INF4WEB? y

  • PCAddictsLive says:

    Thanks! Yupp – I think that is the part where people get hung up the most: Client unable to contact the? domain controller.

  • ITSystemsAdmin says:

    I LIKE THE VIDEO: TIP! When a client logs on or joins the network, it must be able to locate a domain controller. The client sends a DNS Lookup query to DNS to find domain controllers, preferably in the client’s own? subnet. Therefore, clients find a domain controller by querying DNS for a record

  • PCAddictsLive says:

    HAHA? no kidding!

  • Eric Aaron Jr says:

    Windows Server sure does? love to restart!

  • PCAddictsLive says:

    HEHE first time I was told that! Thanks! 🙂 You are welcome, hope the videos? helped ya out!

  • Ri do says:

    i like your voice :D! you can become a great singer ^^! Thank your series video? 🙂

  • PCAddictsLive says:

    You are welcome!? 🙂

  • aaronjr21 says:

    Thanks Great Series? of videos.

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