2011 Christmas Concert Promo


2011 Christmas Concert Promo – This is Alissa’s story. She is a successful graduate of Minnesota Teen Challenge. Alissa’s story starts with postpartum depression when she became addicted to pain killers. After an overdose she joined faith based drug treatment center Minnesota Teen Challenge. She has been transformed and is working towards getting her life back together. www.mntc.org


Why can't America care for the mentally ill?

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Now, the debate begins about what to do in the wake of his carnage in Newtown, Connecticut and the multiple murders in Aurora, Colorado and at Columbine High School, the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Minnesota and the West Nickel Mines School in …
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McKinney's sober-learning school Serenity High attains 217 graduates

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Dylan, 18, seemingly spent as much time using drugs, in treatment centers, and in jail as he did at school the past few years. He got into drugs and alcohol at age 11 … struggle with drug addiction. Lynn learned of a similar school, Sobriety High, in …
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