Can Physical Therapy Assistants Work in Drug Rehab Centers?

Question by April: Can Physical Therapy assistants work in drug rehab centers?
I’m becoming a physical therapy assistant and wanted to know 🙂
My mom did drugs when i was little and i want to know if by choosing this career path if I can help others- even if i couldnt help her.

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Answer by mistify
This would not be a usual setting for a PT or a PTA. Chemical dependency rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation are two entirely different entities.

However, in a large metropolitan area, you may be able to work with a specialty hospital where there may be a chemical dependency wing and a physical rehab unit…in cases like these, you may be able to do physical rehabilitation with those on the drug rehab unit if that person has mobility impairments.

Generally, there is very limited physical rehab offered in a drug rehab setting when compared to a physical rehabilitation unit.

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