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Have You Heard of Organized Stalking or Cause Stalking?

Question by : Have you heard of organized stalking or cause stalking?
It’s a recently documented phenomena, that is commonly used as a form of reprisal for whistleblowers or to terrorize people in minority groups, outspoken community members, ex spouses, etc.

It is exactly as frightening as it sounds. Groups of people stalking and harassing a single individual in a community, so pervasively that the targeted individual is driven to commit suicide, be institutionalized, and/or incarcerated.

Can you believe this is happening?
What could one person do to stop this?

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Dealing With a Family Members Addiction to Ambien PLease Help?

Question by smaceroni: Dealing with a family members addiction to Ambien PLease help?
OK my sister has been addicted to Ambien for about 4 years now. She has through detox and rehab twice and hasnt gotten better. She is still very much addicted and supoosed to be going into another detox/rehab. She has been supposed to go nor for 2 weeks but everyday comes up with new excuse or chickens out. I have been supportive or encouraging but now its getting hard for me to be that way cause it hard for me to believe that she is actually going to go. She gets mad when I try to give her “tough love”. She gets mad that my parents and I never went to some type of counseling to learn about her problem. She says that since I have never been addicted I dont know what its like. I understand that, but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that its going to be pure hell to go through detox and rehab and stay clean. I just dont know what to do or say to her anymore. Has anyone been in this situation? What should I say or do? She is 34 and Im 26

Narcotic Drug Addiction.?

Question by Dead man inc: Narcotic drug Addiction.?
Hey i need help i’m having problems with my pain pills i take oxycoden.I recently noticed i’m getting addicted to them ive been take two with in 4 hours when it should be one every 4 hours.I’m only 15 and its the only pain pill that works i dont want them to change it.ive taken dozens of other pills nothing works.What would be the best way to deal with this?

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Answer by Oreo Schmoreo
Please talk to someone you can trust about this problem. It will not get better on its own. The sooner you seek help, the easier it’s going to be.

What Are the Names of Rehabs for Drug Users in Gainesville Fla?

Question by elleemaebingo: what are the names of rehabs for drug users in gainesville fla?
i would like to have there phone # and address

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Answer by rmrankin50
You can go online and look up every rehab center in Gainesville, Florida. Just type the following address in your address bar at the top of your screen and it will give you the info you seek. That address is This gives you an opportunity to look at multiple centers and gather lots of information, including contact numbers. You can also use your Yahoo search.

Does Anyone Have a # for a Sexual Addiction Hotline?

Question by Christopher: Does anyone have a # for a Sexual Addiction Hotline?
I called 800-551-9888 and I guess it is now a company called “Audix”. I’m in therapy, but would like to know if there is a place I can call when I get ‘triggerred’ or for general support when I need it to help support me to avoid future acting out. Thank you in advance.

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Answer by Stubbsy Boy
07851441159. The person should be called Mr. C. Batchelor

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