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How to Overcome a Food Addiction?

Question by Sara: How to overcome a food addiction?
I’m an 18 year old female and I’ve struggled with food addiction since I was a child. I know how to diet and I know what foods and it what quantities I need to be eating to lose weight, but towards the end of the day I just can’t seem to help snacking. I really want to lose the last 20 or 30 pounds that I need, but I need some tips or something for distracting myself from grazing. I don’t know if it’s an oral fixation or what, but if anyone can give me some pointers on avoiding snacking towards the end of the day. Thanks!

Need Help Finding Teen Support Group for Help With Drugs.?

Question by Perpetual: Need help finding teen support group for help with drugs.?
Im looking for a support group for teens that deals with drug use/abuse in illinois.i need a place where i can go to regular meetings

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Answer by kayrandall3513
if you dont mind my views on teen addiction… here it is the raw truth from an addict.
support groups do not help. You need counseling, you need medicines to help with withdrawls you need in treatment care. it doesnt matter its a phycological thing and it needs to be closly examined. No matter if its meth or weed or even alcohol. and as soon as you find a treatment center they will hook you up with all those places and pay for everything.

Teenage Drug Abuse?

Question by JoJo_90: teenage drug abuse?
I’m having trouble finding info on teenage drug abuse in other countries such as Japan, China, Spain. If not, another country.
And also what they do to stop it.
(just not the US)
A website would be helpful

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Question About Heroin Rehab?

Question by Nandy Joe: question about heroin rehab?
is there in the US any rehab center which does not treat heroin addicts through the use of any other substitute drug, such as methadone? You know, traditionally, only treating the withdrawal symptons…

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Answer by Jennifer E
You should check out a California rehab that specializes in holistic drug treatment. They focus on alternative methods to help addicts overcome their addiction. 12 step programs and support groups also provide support for coping with withdrawal symptoms.

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Drug: Mescaline?

Question by pingping: drug: mescaline?
-what are the short & long term physical effects does mescaline have on the body ?

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Answer by mother_of_bonehead
Drug Mescaline

Description Mescaline is a naturally occurring psychedelic found in several cactus species most notably, Peyote and San Pedro.

Picture San Pedro & Peyote Photos

How it’s Used Marijuana is smoked in the form of loosely rolled cigarettes called “joints”, in hollowed out commercial cigars called “blunts”, in standard pipes or in water pipes known as “bongs”.

Effects Mescaline causes haluccinations.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Question?

Question by Jess: Drug and Alcohol Treatment question?
What is the difference between:
*Residential Treatment Programs
*Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs
*Inpatient Programs
Also, does anyone have any resources for these types of treatment facilities. I would like general information, but if you would like to be more specific, I live in Wisconsin.
Thank you!
Thank you for your answers so far!

dlmrgnk- I am located in Southeastern Wisconsin if that will help limit the search.

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