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Drug Rehabs in Boston Area…?

Question by Cass: Drug rehabs in Boston area…?
A friend of mine is looking for a alcohol abuse program near boston, ma (pref. in the revere/malden area) he asked me for help finding some place since I work in the field but i don’t know of any programs like this in the area (i work in central ma). any ideas?

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Answer by prosperity
Call the Salvation Army they might be able to tell you & if not call the hospital in that area. If you still can’t find anything e-mail & remind me of your queston & I will help you.

Drug Rehabs in New York | Call 800-303-2938 for Help


Drug Rehabs in New York | Call 800-303-2938 For Help – Drug Rehabs in New York – Call 800-303-2938 For Help When looking for Drug Rehabs in New York, you have to know first the needs of your patient. It is best t…


Does the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center at Clear Lake Regional in the Houston Area Use the 12 Step Program?

Question by liz g: Does the alcohol and drug treatment center at Clear Lake Regional in the Houston area use the 12 step program?
I know someone going there and I was wondering if she is going to be introduced to the 12 step program.

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Answer by Blues Man
I believe all alcohol or drug rehabs use the 12 step program as part of their criteria. Everyone that I know that has been in any of these programs, the 12 steps were used along with an AA or NA book. They did other things too but yes if I was going to bet, I would that she will be exposed to this program. Ur a good friend. Wishing U the best.

Inpatient Drug Rehabs?

Question by Daeris819: Inpatient Drug Rehabs?
My friend is in need of one of these places, but I don’t think she’ll do the work to find one.

Can anyone give me information on how to find a nearby inpatient drug rehab? Any websites?

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Answer by Niki
This is the best website I have found. My brother-in-law (who is a drug and alcohol counselor) uses it to find rehab facilities for patients in need. It’s a government website, so it’s reliable.


How Do I Get a Temp Custody Order Because My Ex Went to Rehab?

Question by askme: how do i get a temp custody order because my ex went to rehab?
my ex just went to drug rehab an left my daughter with my ex mother in law (my ex is living with her) there is no court order custody but lawyers that i have asked told me that legally my ex has custody. courts recommended we go to mediation first an we have a review on sept 11 2013. but now that she is in rehab what can i do to get my daughter back so she doesnt stay with her grandma? how do i file for temp custody in oklahoma. i live in texas by the way.

Drug Rehab Centre??

Question by ok go: Drug rehab centre??
I know that opening a Drub Rehab centre is good because addict people can be hopefully cured there…
but does it have any disadvantage???…like…affects on the poeple around…or…the houses prices going down??
any thing??
thanky ou

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Answer by c0ns0l3_guy
Crime could increase in the surrounding area. My mother in law works at a drug-rehab clinic in an affluent area of my city. She says that petty theft and vandalism have increased.

I wouldn’t want to live near a drug-rehab clinic so I assume it must push the prices of housing down.