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Can You Voluntarily Take a Drug Test in Washington State?

Question by sweetsobersacrifice: Can you voluntarily take a drug test in Washington state?
My boyfriend has a history of drug addiction and though he says he’s quit I think he’s still using. I want to know if it’s possible to volunteer to take some sort of drug test, or if it has to be court-ordered or something. Thanks in advance for answers

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Answer by Hannah M
You can buy drug screening kits at Walgreens

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Last Minute Probation Question. 11 Months Down. 1 to Go. Pennsylvania.?

Question by jeremy: Last minute probation question. 11 months down. 1 to go. Pennsylvania.?
So I’ve been on probation for a little over 11 months, and I haven’t smoked at all, or drank at all for a year. I was arrested for a DUI in April of ’08, with a BAC of .10, and 50ng/ml of THC d9, and placed in the ARD program December 2nd of the same year. So far I’ve completed my community service, my CRN evaluation, my first PPI evaluation, paid all of my fines, completed Highway and Driving Safety School, gotten treatment at an outpatient center, and am almost done with my 12 months of probation. I report in every month on the 2nd, via call track, and haven’t actually seen my probation officer since my formal arraignment of December 2nd. I was late with a couple of payments over the past year, but I DID get it all paid.

Georgia State Probation?

Question by Tammy B: georgia state probation?
I understand that a person must follow the rules once placed on probation. But my son was placed on intense probation in Lowndes County, for 8 years for meth use. He was not ever drug tested, nor had a home visit in 11 months. Now he has been arrested again, with less than $ 1.00 street value of meth, and is going to be sentenced to 9 years in prison, as well as having probation revoked. His probation officer(former police officer) is not willing to let him enter rehab, then go to prison. What is a person to do in this situation. He has a good lawyer who see’s the probation mess up as not a real issue to address! [email protected]

Are the States That Require Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Anti-Veteran or Unpatriotic?

Question by honestly63: Are the states that require drug testing for welfare recipients anti-veteran or unpatriotic?
(Since 1/3 of all homeless men are veterans, and more than 2/3 of them suffer from drug/alcohol abuse, I’m guessing they are being harmed by this policy.)

I did provide a source, but maybe this one is short enough that it won’t get cut off. www.nchv.org/background.cfm
picador, I didn’t say 2/3 of all veterans, I said 2/3 of homeless veterans.

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Answer by Leila Ferraz
Holding up a sign that says “vet” doesn’t make you a veteran. I don’t believe that statistic for a second. Care to provide a source?

Drug Testing for Highschool Students?

Question by Catastrophe Chynna.: Drug Testing for highschool students?
A big issue has come across Indiana (my state)about students abusing drugs and well i know for a fact that over half the student body intakes drugs because i’ve seen them do so and Greenfield central schools are enrolling a new program for random drug testings to any student participating in any extracurricular activities.
Now i have been addressed by my english class to write a persuasive essay about if it is right for random drug testings or not. So now i need a little help from you guys.
– What is your opinion on the situation?
– What are some reasons why they should or shouldn’t have this drug testing program?

I Need a Job! Very Hard Worker, Live in Indianapolis, In. Can’t Find a Job!?

Question by Greg: I need a job! very hard worker, Live in indianapolis, In. can’t find a job!?
Can lift up to 75-100 pounds, work experience in warehouse, forklift, assembly, production, very hard worker will work any shift, need good pay! I can work in the, West, north west, plainfield,southwest & Avon area in indianapolis,IN. Can pass a drug test.

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Answer by james w
call tradesman int they are in the book

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