Family Court Custody Question I Had Already Posted This Question but I Guess I Didnt Put Enough Info, Plz Help

Question by lexy: Family court custody question I had already posted this question but I guess I didnt put enough info, plz help
I am 14 years old and have a sister who is 9 years old. My dad is slowly about to die really soon and he is not my biological father and he never adopted me but he is my little sister’s biological father. What I want to know is at what age could I try to see about moving out of my mother’s house or could I even try to move out and take care of my sister. What steps would I have to follow in order to do that? My mom has a past record of Prostitution, driving while intoxicated, domestic violence, and maybe drug possession I feel very strongly that when my dad passes she will go back to that lifestyle she already speaks about going back and doing things from her past or that she would like to commit suicide. She is a alcoholic and has already started using drugs again every once in a while, she is very emotional and short tempered and can sometime become some what abusive and take things out on me and my younger sister as well as my dad. My family would not take us in if something were to happen because of past arguments between my mother and family and because they are races against blacks. And my mom is not capable of taking care of us she has never had a job and has relied on my dad for the last 13 or 14 years. And far as my biological dad he is in prison I don’t want me and my sister to be places in foster care so I have never spoke up about any of the problems going on in my home. I just really need to know what age at the youngest could I try to move out and keep my sister with me. I have already looked into places and some what figured out the cost of living In some area’s and this is what I came up with ……..

Rent $ 390, Bus fair $ 70 monthly includes me and my sister, Electric $ 25- $ 50, Food $ 200 that’s with budget and cooking foods that last, personal & household items $ 200, all the total of $ 910.00 plus maybe a little more. I also know I need to keep extra money incase of emergency. If a can get these two jobs this is the pay I would have.

8am – 4pm at 4.75 a hour 7 days a week

38 a day
266 a week
798 for 3 weeks
1,064 for 4 weeks

computer center 5pm- 8pm 5.85 a hour 5 days a week

17.55 a day
87.75 a week
263.25 for 3 weeks
351.00 for 4 weeks

This is my total I come up with for both jobs together.
adding 3 weeks
is 1061.25
left is 151.25

adding 4 weeks
is 1415.00
left is 505.00

If you haven’t noticed I am really serious about this. And as for school I will continue with school online and my sister could still go to school and then during the day be with me at the computer center while she does her homework and when I get out of work we would be home together.

I guess I might not have made it very clear and I apologize for any confusion but no there is nobody else in my family who I could turn to. My mother had to give up two kids before me and my sister and they both live with other people in my family but because of that situation my mom had problems with other family members and chased them all away and its to the point where even though my older sisters are still in my family we can no longer see them and the rest think me and my little sister are a bad influence and have no respect because of the way are mother acts, which by the way I dislike very much cause I am nothing like my parents. But the only people in our family who would speak to us were my grandparents and my grandfather died in 04 and my grandmother just passed in June of 07.

There use to be one person “My Cousin” she is 22 years old and she stills wants to get custody of me but because of some legal issue’s she might not be able to. See my birthday just passed and in July I completely lost it for a second because of the fact my grandmother had just passed and my dad is dieing and my mother is slowly killing herself as well. So I ended up drinking some alcohol at my cousin’s house while my cousin was in the bathroom and I drank so much in such short time that I had actually drunk myself into a coma. I still have yet to deal with that whole court issue because its not coming up until the 17th of this month so I have no idea what they will say as far as my cousin but she has been the only one who looks after me and helps me. She had got 2 beds one for me and another for my sister and got clothes and other personal items for us. We would stay with her for most of the summer and during the weekends while there was school. But now since this happened my mom has not let me have any contact with her and blames her for my actions when I take full responsibility because I know I was in the wrong.

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Answer by nursecracker
oh hon.. i’m so sorry you are in this situation.

your mom sounds as if she has addiction and perhaps mental illness problems.. it’s not her fault, but it IS her fault she has not gotten proper therapy or help.

you are actually too young to work a regular job… you have to be a few years older to do that.. it’s a very brave and mature thing for you to want to take care of your 9 year old sister, as well.

it wasn’t your cousin’s fault you got into the alcohol, was it? perhaps you still have the option of staying with your cousin when it’s all said and done.

otherwise, i hope that you and your sister will find a safe, comfortable place to be.

i’m sorry to hear of your losses, as well, and that your step father is dying.

i’m sending hugs and all best wishes.

PLEASE talk to your school’s counselor or a teacher you trust.

And, Is there another adult you trust and respect? Maybe someone who lives near you and knows you and your situation, would be better equipped to give you suggestions for help.

sending lots of love…

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