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What Are the Drugs Used for Addiction Treatment?

Question by blair a: What are the drugs used for addiction treatment?
I am especially interested in those that are used to counter heroin addiction. I do know about methadone, but aside from that, what other drugs are used?

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Answer by colleen_li
The other kinds of medications used for the treatment of heroin addiction are: naltrexone, naloxone (used in cases of overdose), and buprenorphine, among others. Buprenorphine is fairly new, but it seems to be an appealing alternative to methadone since the effect of just a single injection can last for up to 6 weeks. Keep in mind, though, that medications alone won’t be enough treatment for heroin addicts. They also need therapy, counseling, and even rehabilitation.

New MLB Player… Can Someone Help?

Question by bigkicker2: New MLB player… Can someone help?
He plays for a team who wears red, has missed a couple years with an addiciton problem, is hitting really hot right now 11/19 or something like that, last name begins with J I think
ok… Its not Josh Hamilton. He’s hitting 11/19 so hes only been around for the last 4-5 games. My buddy told me he was a 1st round pick out of high school and had addiction problems and was out of baseball for 3-4 years. This is basically this guys rookie year. I just need to add him to my fantasy team before he gets picked up and cant remember his name

Is the Detox Process at Harbour Village Florida Really Useful ?

Question by Damian: Is the Detox Process at Harbour village florida really useful ?

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Answer by Brad Heyden
A safe, effective way for an addict to recover is to check in to a detox center like Harbor Village where he/she can recover through a medically supervised drug or alcohol treatment program. When starting this detox center program the specialists will evaluate your problems and start the appropriate treatment.

Addictions treated at Harbor Village include:

Cocaine addiction
Prescription medication addiction
Crystal Meth addiction
Heroin addiction
Opiate addiction
Marijuana addiction
Alcohol addiction
Sexual Addiction
Video Game Addiction
Family Conflict

What Help Is Available Within England for Heroin Addiction?

Question by Maverick: What help is available within England for Heroin Addiction?
A family member of mine has a Heroin addiction. I have no idea how I can go about helping them, but having already lost one member to the drug, I do not wish to see another lose their life to it, especially one I’m so close to.

I’ve done some searching, but haven’t really found much information. It seems the only real help available has to be paid for and the prices are extortionate at best.

I don’t have much money myself, and neither does the person I wish to help.

Meth, Heroin Addiction


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Will a 14 Day Stay in Drug Rehab Work?

Question by : Will a 14 day stay in drug rehab work?
My boyfriend has a heroin addiction and wants to get help. He doesn’t have health insurance and everywhere he has called either says they are full or can only take him for 14 days. Are there any other options? Do you think this will help?

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Answer by mylittlehellions
Most rehabilitation takes anywhere from 30 to 90 days but, you never know, it’s worth a shot.

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