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Connecticut Concealed Carry Permit?

Question by Mikey G: Connecticut concealed carry permit?
Would having committed myself to a drug/alcohol rehab bar me from obtaining a permit? I have never been arrested or convicted of a crime and I wasn’t court ordered to go, I made the choice myself b

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Answer by dj
Check out the list of requirements and if you feel you are OK then apply.

Who Is Heather Dylan?

Question by Katya A: Who is Heather Dylan?
I know she is Jakob Dylans kid but they keep everything so damn private I cant find any information on her

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Jane’s Addiction – MOUNTAIN SONG


Jane’s Addiction – MOUNTAIN SONG – Jane’s Addiction performing the song “Mountain Song”. From the album Nothing’s Shocking in New York City July 25, 2011.


Argument Evaluation- Lets See How Good You Guys Are. Identify 2 Arguments in Each Article?

Question by Pinky: Argument Evaluation- Lets see how good you guys are. Identify 2 arguments in each article?

Our view: Needle exchanges prove effective as AIDS counterattack. They warrant wider use and federal backing.

Substance Abuse Treatment Center for Christians


Substance Abuse Treatment Center For Christians – – Our Christian rehabilitation programs help someone beyond treatment by offering an extensive aftercare program. We hav…


Our view: TANF drug-testing bill falls short of goal

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Not only do such data support opponents' claims of unfair treatment of TANF applicants, it also shows the bill's likely ineffectiveness in combating drug abuse among people who benefit from state funds. In Utah, which passed a law … when the program …
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LCAT: Teen Drug Use


LCAT: Teen Drug Use – A video brought to you by the LaFollette Community Action Team. This video revolves around the topic of teen drug use and how it affects family and friends. …


Video: De Blasio's Daughter Chiara Reveals History Of Substance Abuse

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The teen went to out-patient treatment in New York City. "If you're depressed or dealing with mental illness and you think that may have something to do with your drug abuse or drinking—or if you're just suffering from both of those at the same time …
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