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Looking to Find in Fo Onsober Living Homes in MA or 1 Bedroom Sober Homes in Ma Have 3 Yrs Sobriety?

Question by nancyfgs: Looking to find in fo onsober living homes in MA or 1 bedroom sober homes in Ma Have 3 yrs sobriety?
price range, sobriety time for enterence, women homes age groups, how much independence

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Answer by ashleyligon1967
Liberty Ranch Drug Alcohol Dependency Massachusetts

After completing drug and alcohol detox, Massachusetts residents are encouraged to seek a sober living home. Sober living homes are critical to recovery from drug alcohol dependency. The Liberty Ranch sober living from Drug Alcohol Dependency fills the gap between a drug treatment center and returning home to Massachusetts. Liberty Ranch is a structured, safe environment rooted in the 12 step program, sponsorship, accountability, counseling and regular rap sessions with the onsite managers and peers.

What Should a Drug Rehab Program Possess?

Question by dominique w: What should a drug rehab program possess?
I’m looking for the tell-tale signs of a good rehab program since my father have decided to have an older brother undergo one. His life got all messed up when he found out that his gf for five years cheated her thrice. I wanna help my brother find a rehab that will take good care of him.

Please help.

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Are There Any Treatment Centers for Depression in Florida? if So, Can You Give Me the Names?

Question by RNM: are there any treatment centers for depression in florida? if so, can you give me the names?
i’m very depressed, i need help, and i don’t want to have to take drugs. i want to find somewhere, kind of like a rehab center except for depression, where i can get better and start to be myself again. HELP.

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Answer by Hopefully Helpful
It would be a good idea to ask your Primary Care doctor. I hope you will find the treatment you need so you can feel better. Good Luck.

Is There a Drug Treatment Center for 11yr Old Boys?

Question by Julian R: is there a drug treatment center for 11yr old boys?
I live in bakersfield CA.

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Answer by John
any drug center will treat an 11 yr old boy. They do not discriminate people because of age.

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Union New Jersey Drug Treatment Center – http://newjerseyaddictionnetwork.com/ -Our goal here at New Jersey Addiction Network is to provide you with multiple choices so you can make the most educate…


Does the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center at Clear Lake Regional in the Houston Area Use the 12 Step Program?

Question by liz g: Does the alcohol and drug treatment center at Clear Lake Regional in the Houston area use the 12 step program?
I know someone going there and I was wondering if she is going to be introduced to the 12 step program.

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Answer by Blues Man
I believe all alcohol or drug rehabs use the 12 step program as part of their criteria. Everyone that I know that has been in any of these programs, the 12 steps were used along with an AA or NA book. They did other things too but yes if I was going to bet, I would that she will be exposed to this program. Ur a good friend. Wishing U the best.