A Fateful Harvest – Part 7 – Addiction


A Fateful Harvest – part 7 – Addiction – Over 100000 people use opium in Afghanistan. How many are addicted to heroin? Should opium be used as medicine to calm children? Today, illegal processing in Afghanistan has made drugs cheaper and more available within the country… The result is that increasingly Afghans themselves are succumbing to the dangers of the country’s largest cash crop. A recent United Nations survey puts the number of heroin addicts throughout the country at 50000. That’s in addition to 150000 people who use opium. Poverty and unemployment are two causes of drug abuse. But in Afghanistan, there’s another reason: Antonio Maria Costa: ‘…during the past quarter century, so many conflicts — against the Soviets, against one another, the mujahadin, the Civil War period, the Taliban rules, the fight against the Taliban, all of this has created a context whereby people, especially internally displaced people, especially refugees, finding themselves in dire conditions, so some of them started to use opium as a way of just forgetting the daily chores, and the daily difficulties and the tragedies in life President Karzai: ‘…drug addiction unfortunately has come to Afghanistan, mainly as consequence of being refugees in our neighboring countries. It ruins families, its something that worries me a lot its something that we have not yet has done much unfortunately.’ Many of the country’s addicts picked up their habit elsewhere — in neighboring Pakistan … or Iran, where per capita heroin use is the


David R. Ellis Dead: 'Snakes On A Plane' Director Dies At 60

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Pierson's family announced that <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/23/frank-pierson-dead-dog-day-afternoon-dies_n_1696126.html">he died of natural causes on Monday, July 23, 2012</a> in Los Angeles after a short illness. He was 87 …
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Nutritional intervention with different groups

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These symptoms are similar to those experienced by people with eating disorders, suggesting they may be the result rather than the cause of disordered eating. Alcohol and drug addiction can also lead to malnutrition, due to the poor diet of many addicts.
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Is It Pain Or Dependency? A Doctor's Dilemma

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The L.A. Times found that in nearly half those cases, the person who died had a doctor's prescription for a drug that helped cause his or her death. We'll talk to one of the reporters behind that series in a moment. But first, doctors … I mean, and …
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17 Responses to A Fateful Harvest – Part 7 – Addiction

  • lbcfosho562 says:

    @bobbyhomodicksucka shut up fuckyboy.i lived in helmand 18months.that piece of opium mg2mg is equivelant to? 10mg morphine sulfate.3days of that 2x dosage=ADDICTION.FUCK ARABS.FUCK ISLAM.FUCK JIHAD.USA!USA!USA! DIRTY SAND NEGROES

  • Oakleaf700 says:

    I am very surprised the baby does not balk at the taste of the? opium…it is acrid, and shudderingly bitter. Baby will doubtless get withdrawals……so will become more restless, and be given more. But in the West, we too had many addicted babies.

  • bobbyChrismikeLou says:

    You just keep typing away on your computer and playing your video games and drinking your soda. You can’t even FATHOM what it’s like to live in a country like this, where there are no opportunities because of a war started by Western powers chasing a group that a government you had? nothing to do with helped shelter.

  • bobbyChrismikeLou says:

    So? Lots of people have statues of Ganesh in their? homes, doesn’t mean their Hindu.

  • bobbyChrismikeLou says:

    In America we give our babies sugar? and junk food so they grow up to be fat as shit. Not really that much different.

  • grvc44 says:

    finally i saw so? many opium users commenting on this video.

  • 1980futureclone says:

    Move over teething, here comes? opiate withdrawal!

  • The1211deep says:

    grabe kayo anong klaseng pamumuno ginagawa? sa bansa nyo?.. di man lang masugpo ang droga.

  • TheUnknownGrower says:

    give the baby some hash…it? can die very easy from opium overdose.the quaLITY OF EACH OPIUM SAMPLE IS DIFFERENT

  • ontariobuds says:

    yeah but back when there were items like heroin containing cough syrups, they didn’t know about the addictive nature. shit, bayer sold heroin as a morphine cure. But most people now know that opium is bad to give to? children. if they themselves feel the pain of withdrawal how could they not know it would happen to a baby?

  • jen666777 says:

    idgaf what country it is you dont? give an infant opium, period. fucking retards.

  • 666ASPEN666 says:

    opium to? a infant, thats just sick!

  • 666ASPEN666 says:

    Why not grow coffee-beans or tobacco or something, it must be something they can ear money from.?

  • 666ASPEN666 says:

    Couldnt help but noticing that the “Former Addict ” have? a poster or a mat with the “The Last Supper” (Leonardo da Vinci), and he’s a muslim, He must be lost or something… it has nothing to do with muslims and isalm!

  • cecopiteco says:

    @spe315effect it’s another culture.. from your point of view it’s ignorance but you can’t understand. it’s? sad anyway

  • djparnate says:

    @4:44 he farts? lol

  • auang says:

    1:23 Ups…!?

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