Adam Beach: Helping People to Recover From Violence and Addiction


Adam Beach: Helping people to recover from Violence and Addiction – An Anishinaabe movie star stops in Shell Lake, Wisconsin to talk with natives recovering from alcohol and drug abuse and leaves them a message of hope.


Bay City man charged with killing Lonnie Houston to face trial in early 2013

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Rosin claimed Ashley, his longtime friend, had a cocaine addiction and owed Houston money for the drug. He said Ashley called Houston … A police dive team also recovered Ashley's pistol where Vaughn told them it had been tossed. Ashley is charged …
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Teen Killed, Couple Dies During Sandy, Bus Driver a Hero Top Stories of 2012

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A state panel held a hearing at the Daytop School in Mendham where they heard testimony from parents of addicts, recovering addicts and officials looking for help in battling the growing drug scourge in New Jersey. August: Spike in Drug Arrests in …


6 Responses to Adam Beach: Helping People to Recover From Violence and Addiction

  • creolefemme1 says:

    What Adam says is very true–especially the points about some people not knowing how to pray and say “thank you” and to ask for help. Sometimes, this is true for me and it’s very important to remember that there is ONE bigger than us who has given us resources to help. All we need to do is reach out and accept? them. I love Adam’s perspective and he seems to have a real heart for people 🙂

  • GlambertGirl2010 says:

    I didnt know? he was anishinabe! so am I 😀

  • Jacqueline Homan says:

    Now that is one intelligent? young man.

  • Lochee1000 says:

    Good points by Adam on the family circle, the community, violence, addiction, elders of the past, prayer, search for direction, spirituality etc. It looks like he’s matured a lot and found a sense of peace over the years. Adam was respectful in his statements, but, I believe ALL families have some type of dysfunction–although minute, within them. I hope he can help his own children to? understand and explore depths of true Native spirituality. Creator bless him in that effort.

  • justinjacques766 says:

    adam? beach rocks

  • mjdpoet says:

    Words of wisdom that flow naturally from his heart. You can feel? the power.

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