Addiction to Alcohol – How Shaun Got Help Through Alcohol Abuse Detox at Palm Partners


Addiction To Alcohol – How Shaun Got Help Through Alcohol Abuse Detox At Palm Partners – Addiction to alcohol, Shaun struggled with this problem for many years. He finally ended his alcohol abuse addiction through the alcohol abuse detox and rehabilitation program at Palm Partners, Florida. Addicted to alcohol and need help now, go to It helped Shaun get his life back! Like Shaun, you too can stop your chemical dependency. Call us today. Professionals are standing by and ready to help you now. 24 Hour Helpline: 877-711-4673 Link to this video 0:13 Shaun from Malden Massachusetts speaks about his addiction to alcohol 0:16 At an early age of 21 his alcohol addiction started 0:29 How Shaun was looking for a family friendly alcohol abuse detox facility in Massachusetts or New Hampshire 0:50 Shaun expresses his gratitude for the detox staff at Palm Partners 1:00 Shaun now has a compelling future – “Palm Partners, you brought my life back and I can’t wait to go home and see my beautiful wife” Palm Partners Recovery is a alcohol and drug rehab center in Delray Beach, Florida. © 2011 Palm Partners.


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6 Responses to Addiction to Alcohol – How Shaun Got Help Through Alcohol Abuse Detox at Palm Partners

  • PalmPartnersRecovery says:

    We are so happy that you are doing so well. Please keep us? posted on your progress. We are very proud of you!

  • MrRoto69 says:

    Im just about a year clean in October I moved away from were i was drinking and being an idiot. My life today is a 110% better i live in? Derry Nh now even my work has seen a change in me i work late shifts on weekends and that keeps me out of trouble even more. Palm Partners I can’t thank you enough for helping me I do miss the Food and delicious ice cream there though

  • PalmPartnersRecovery says:

    Thanks for showing your? support for Shaun. We all have a lot of love for him!

  • PalmPartnersRecovery says:

    MrRoto69, thank you for commenting on our story. Glad that we could share Shaun’s addiction recovery story? with you.

  • William Palmer says:

    Im from mass too but it costs lots of money for that family friendly help,it sucks when you dont have insurance or 20k to get help,these videos are deceiving.Make no mistake,its alll? about the fuckin money,id kill for a chance to go there however,i cant afford it.Thanks palm partners.

  • 629gfindlay says:

    it? is isnt????:)

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