ADDICTION, TREATMENTS, THERAPIES, a better way – Bert Seelman talks about a logical approach, that can greatly reduce therapy failures with addictions .Whether it is psychiatry, counseling, meetings, or treatment centers they are severely lacking in the approach learn why more cures are not happening! for more info go to:


Telemedicine vital to rural Georgia future

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… any longer could result in tragedy. Thanks to the work of pioneers like neurologist David Hess at the Medical College of Georgia, your chances for expert treatment are good. … Suddenly, via a special monitor, you're face to face with a physician …
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Low-cost treatment ray of hope for kids with cancer

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"Low-dose maintenance therapy is called metronomic therapy," said Dr Banavali, adding, "the metronomic dose for the entire year would work out to Rs 4,000 because the drugs are old and well-known ones." The department will publish the study shortly.
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