Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Young Adults – Adam Shares His Recovery Story at Palm Partners


Alcohol and Drug Abuse In Young Adults – Adam Shares His Recovery Story At Palm Partners – With alcohol and drug abuse, Adam started early on and became an alcohol and drug addict. In this video, Adam shares his story and explains how Palm Partners’ simple and effective treatment encouraged him to get sober. Addicted to alcohol or drugs and need help now go to Check out this video at 0:13 How Adam’s become an alcoholic and drug addict 0:37 Living on the streets of Las Vegas 0:58 Things got a lot worse – from alcohol and drug abuse to addiction. ” couldn’t stop even if I want it to …” 1:34 Going to jail for the first time 2:07 “But only thing what I thought was, it were drugs what put me there. I can still drink when I get out of here …” 2:19 Going back to the needle 2:36 Hitting the spiritual bottom and wanted to change 3:16 “I said YES and came to Palm Partners …” 3:27 Palm Partners does things different. Getting to the core and having all the answers you have in yourself already, just realizing it! 3:43 58 days sober and the family’s trust back again 3:59 Being happy again 4:23 Just know that it gets better if you work on it Palm Partners Recovery is a drug rehab center in Delray Beach Florida. © 2012 Palm Partners.


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Valley offers outpatient programs for substance abuse, the children's acute program, adolescent acute program, subacute residential program and partial hospitalization program for children and adolescents. For more information go to
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He can't walk. Katy was born without legs. They met at Rancho Los Amigos rehab center while undergoing treatment and fell in love and got married. Katy has since become a world champion runner and will be in this year's Paralympics in London. Cramer …
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