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Bradford Health Services – Continuing Care Program – Recovery Moments The goal of aftercare and continuing care is to provide support and encouragement to a person in the recovery process, following initial treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction. continuing care programs help individuals remain free from alcohol or drug use or abuse through relapse-prevention education and information. Aftercare is the stage following more intensive services and is meant to help achieve and maintain recovery. Aftercare is conducted in a group setting with a facilitator leading the group. Group participants discuss issues relating to maintaining their sobriety. Continuing care participants are encouraged to attend 12-Step Programs as art of their aftercare. Many programs also offer a family continuing care group for family members. Thank you for watching this short video and taking the first step to build a solid foundation to recovery. A foundation built on knowledge, love and compassion. We want you, your family and friends to live a life free from addiction. A life full of Hope. Help is out there. Don’t miss the opportunity to reach out for help. Be prepared with the knowledge and a plan to change a life in an amazing and positive way. For immediate help call Bradford Health Services 888.577.0012 Twitter Facebook Pinterest Other Videos and Resources Bradford Website http


Employers, locals deal with substance abuse

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Behavioral health employees at Central Peninsula Hospital treat all demographics; no family is immune to substance abuse, said Dr. Kristie Sellers, director of behavioral health at the hospital. “We see folks with drug addictions who are in their 40s …
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Gymnastics and acrobatics help performer rise above addiction

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This was the key to life and I would never live without it again. I was a fallen soldier at my own war, and I surrendered to the addiction because of the many failed attempts at stopping. I traded everything I ever loved and cared about for the spell …
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