Breathless – This song is actually about relationships, but after listening to it, I thought it could also be about a drug overdose and the video takes it in that direction. I do not support using drugs. All drug use is simulated in this video.


Promise of food safety law largely unfulfilled

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At the same time, the Food and Drug Administration, the government agency charged with implementing the new law, has been the victim of a push in Washington to rein in spending and some Republicans in Congress who have questioned the necessity and …
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Pot legalized in Colo. with governor's proclamation

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Colorado became the second state after Washington to allow pot use without a doctor's recommendation. Both states prohibit public use of the drug, and commercial sales in Colorado and Washington won't be permitted until after regulations are written …
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IU chemist DiMarchi receives science award from Daniels

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DiMarchi also co-founded Marcadia Biotech, which drug giant Roche acquired in 2010 for an initial upfront payment of $ 287 million. The Nelson Innovation Award is named for Dr. Philip E. Nelson, a Purdue University scientist who received the 2007 World …
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Mock Draft: Underclassmen dominate

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Injuries, failed drug tests, tremendous combine performances — we see them impact the draft every year. I've watched a lot of the top talent both live and on tape, but there's still …. Larry Foote's played well in the middle, but the Steelers could …


4 Responses to Breathless

  • diamondjim39 says:

    I’m sorry to hear about? your loss. You’re absolutely right that one’s state of mind has EVERYTHING to do with how they interpret the world. This video is easy to overlook, but if you’re hurting, or if you’re pensive-enough, it will reach you. Take it easy–JB

  • Mrbungleface says:

    i dont know if this is like a message or a coincidence…. but my boy? was found last night dead from an overdose by my roomate…. if this was any other day i would have looked over this song as a joke…… but im missing my bro today…. he was 21 years old….

  • killerkidkillingkids says:

    not the best singer in the world? but heartfelt and watchable


  • diamondjim39 says:

    Wow, a comparison to Trainspotting!!? That’s interesting–thanks dude!

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