California Drug Treatment Programs


California Drug Treatment Programs – California Drug Treatment Programs Speaker, Dr. Stein, was certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine in 1996. Dr Stein, provides those afflicted with drug and alcohol addiction the professional medical opinion and insight of the holistic drug rehabilitation program. Dr. Stein gained his practical experience for his required hours to achieve Board Certification as a Santa Cruz County Medical Director working directly with the addicted.


Guest View: "The Life of One Can Make a Difference"

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According to drug, "43 percent of Americans have been exposed to alcoholism in their families." Honestly, it's not about what I have been through, it's about what I can do to make a difference and make sure no one goes through what I went …


Still Crazy, After All These Years

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Lawyers who want to return to practicing law after a disability finding must persuade BODA that they are better (such as when an attorney with a drug or alcohol dependency completes a stint in rehab). At least the State Bar of Texas is concerned with …
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