Can Someone Answer These Questions About Red Ribbon Day?

Question by Chris C: Can someone Answer these questions about Red ribbon day?
I need help. There is a contest in my school and I need people to answer these questions about do not do drugs since it is red ribbon week..

1 what kills more people than aids,drugs,homicides,fires, and auto accidents combined?

2. what precentage of people who started drinking at the age of 17 or younger will develop alcohol dependence?

3. What are the short term effects of marijuana?

4. What drug is responsible for 40% of deaths caused by a single drug?

5. How does NJ compare to the National Average regarding heroin use for people 25 yrs or younger?

6. How many kids became regular smokers in 2004?

7. What percentage of all drinkers will develop alcohol abuse or dependence?

8. How much money does the tobacco industry spend on advertising in 1 year in NJ

9. What drug other than tobacco causes respitory problems, chronic coughing and more frequent chest colds?

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Answer by HK3738
you could try a local drug rehab center, good luck

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Blethen reaches out in New York

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While his assigned duties are to focus on the Coast Guard base in Bayonne, N.J., he has found other ways to help the local community. … More than 600 meals were served between the church and a nearby drug rehabilitation center. In a letter Blethen …
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