Can You Go to Drug Rehab for Food Addiction?

Question by : Can you go to drug rehab for food addiction?
I’m definitely addicted to food and nowhere in my state is there a federally funded rehab. I know of a very good program for alcoholics/drug addicts and I was thinking about that. I figured since I like to drink to get drunk and I like blacking out that I could just emphasize that into being worse than it is. That rehab has ongoing counseling that I desperately need but cannot afford. I’m kind of afraid they will find out I am a fraud and kick me out. Does this sound plausible or just plain crazy?

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Answer by Sarah Williams
im sorry to hear of your food addiction. However, I beg of you to not admit yourself fraudulantly. You would be taking a spot that someone else who really is a drug addict desperately needs. There are options for you. First, determine why you love food so much.. are you bored? is it the taste? are you using food to “fill” yourself? it could be a mental thing also. Then, consider over eating on fruits and veggies perhaps? instead of cakes and pies. i also am a food junkie. i love food. its really a sad thing to go through and i do hope you can find some sort of way to help yourself. do u have insurance? consider jenny craig also, there are actual counselors that deal with people such as yourself on a regular basis. good luck.

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