Causes of Addiction (Part 1)


Causes of Addiction (Part 1) – Overview: Scientists are finding increasing evidence that addiction to alcohol, painkillers and other substances can result in physical changes in the brain. In this interview, Dr. Christopher Welsh discusses the causes of addiction to such substances as painkillers, and treatments. Part One: Commonly abused drugs Characteristics of addiction Symptoms of substance abuse Physical addiction Amphetamines Part Two: Changes in the brain due to addiction Types of treatment Methadone Role of rehab Guest: Dr. Christopher Welsh, a psychiatrist and addictions specialist at the University of Maryland Medical Center and an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Causes of Addiction (Part 1) Causes of Addiction (Part 2) UMMC Department of Psychiatry


The secret midwife: Psychotic mothers, exhausted doctors and nurses asleep on

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The mother is completely out of control, screaming abuse – and heading straight for her baby. A fellow midwife steps deftly in her way, which is brave of her … She was expecting a baby after IVF treatment. She was admitted to the ward at just 22 …
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A Creative Approach to Managing Substance Abuse

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Of course, about one third to one quarter of the kids who come in have very serious substance abuse disorders. So it's a pretty unique setup where we're really treating just about everybody. Medscape: What age range do you see, and how are your …
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