Christmas in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver


Christmas in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver – Follow my blog at This video was produced on Christmas eve, with the Windows Movie Maker Program. All the pictures were taken with my Panasonic Digital Camera. Often referred to as the poorest postal code in Canada, the Downtown East-side of Vancouver is an area that receives substantial, financial support. Although it is apparent to anyone walking or driving through that the trickle down effect does not help these funds make it to those who need the help. Quite a few of the support agencies receiving provincial and federal money to operate in this neighborhood are in fact located behind locked bars and their doors never open to help these people. One agency always has it’s doors open and I included a shot of their sign. I do not mean this to be in bad taste and if it helps anyone at all I am happy I made it.


The Chapin Street Project: After 15 years, Dawn Farm's transitional housing

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For addicts and alcoholics serious about recovery, Dawn Farm's transitional housing program in Ann Arbor can be a game changer — just ask Tommy. "It's meant … "We go to the Salvation Army, we go to churches," he said. "They require us to do two …


Drug Court program stressing community service over jail time

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He's also volunteered on the program's road clean-up crew, at the Salvation Army, and he's changed the oil of a van that belongs to the 1414 Club, another Longview 12-step recovery group. Blaylock said the volunteer work pushes him to learn the little …
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Supervision for cannabis

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Broad had since successfully completed the Salvation Army Bridge Programme, for those with drug and alcohol addictions, at a residential treatment centre in Wellington. Mr Crowley said Broad was drug-free and committed to his rehabilitation. Mr Crowley …
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Dr Peter Kelly is excited by a grant of 7000. Picture: DAVE TEASE

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Together with UOW colleagues, Professor Frank Deane and Dr Trevor Crowe, Dr Kelly developed the Healthy Recovery Program, which was piloted through four Salvation Army drug and alcohol recovery centres. The eight-session, group-based intervention …
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