Crack Addiction Success in Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program


Crack Addiction success in Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program – Addiction Rehab Treatment Mark explains his new look at life and how he sees the world as an opportunity living free from his addictions. Take a look at LDR Holistic Treatment Inc., new program called “The Conroy Treatment Program”. Visit for more information regarding program and services.


Pilot suspended after failing breath alcohol test at Twin Cities airport

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… accident or return from alcohol rehabilitation. Some are selected for random tests. More than 10,000 pilots are tested each year and about a dozen flunk the alcohol part — a number that has remained mostly steady for more than a decade, according …
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When your child develops cancer

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"The drug cost of treating a patient with standard risk leukaemia — which spans over two years for girls and three years for boys — is $ 200,000 per year at the University Hospital of the West Indies. Additional costs include diagnostic testing …
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