Crystal Meth Addicts – Get Help Today!


Crystal Meth Addicts – Get Help Today! – Crystal meth addicts can get help with crystal methamphetamine addiction


BANG Photographers' Favorite Photos of 2012

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The cooperative celebrates its 50th anniversary on May 19. Parents work with teachers in the classroom, supervise outdoor play activities, help with maintenance and assist in other ways. (Cindi Christie/Staff). Stoorai Nuri, second from right, and her …
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Obama offers remarks on fiscal cliff as deadline looms

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“There are still some issues that need to be resolved before we can bring legislation to the floor,” the Nevada Democrat said. Even if a deal is … Reid chastised Republicans for raising the Social Security issue, while Senate Minority Leader Mitch …
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4 Responses to Crystal Meth Addicts – Get Help Today!

  • James Hudson says:

    Get help or? die.

  • TheBannedPoet says:

    Using rap & poetry,I fought back against racism in my? family towards my mixed race daughter.
    Crown court then banned that poetry.

    First ever british rap-poet to be given a..
    “5 year rap & poetry ban”

    (Official crown court papers video on my page)

    #SuperInjunction #Censorship #Racism #Injustice

    Very sad “Drug addiction” poem/song about heroin & crystal meth on my channel.
    Listen to the lyrics!

  • sXeish says:

    Never ever? smoke meth.

    I smoked it once, and it literally has fucked with my head ever sense.

    The addiction sets in with only one use… I have only done it once but I will never do it again!

    If you are thinking about doing it.. Just don’t. Meth took a piece of me and its gone forever.

  • RUInternational says:

    There is hope for? the Hopeless that are struggling with addiction. Reformers Unanimous is a faith-based addictions program. We maintain an 82% percent success rate! Check us out @Ruinternational.

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