Depression, Food Addiction, Shame


Depression, Food Addiction, Shame – two steps forward, one step back


People Who Make Strange Food Combinations More Likely to Binge Eat

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Also, most binge eaters said they felt "excited" and "anxious" while they were preparing their food concoctions, the report said. The researchers further say, these emotions resemble those reported by drug addicts while they are using them. Like drug …
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Focus on family meal time is Northfield community, school initiative

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The grant aims to be a resource to help marginalized families in Northfield. … According to a 2011 study on the Importance of Family Dinner and the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, “We all have a deep need to …


24 Responses to Depression, Food Addiction, Shame

  • desirah annan says:


  • tna33311 says:

    God bless? you sweetie! I know it’s hard, but just keep your head up:) And thank you for being so honest!

  • Doriesep6622 says:

    You are? honest and real and I bet you are very kind,

  • mel wong says:

    you are? really brave 🙂

  • stardust5413 says:

    I don’t understand people who make comments? like that.

  • clarepies says:

    can I? just say, you are beautiful. I am not just saying that and I dont mean ‘if you were thinner’ kind of thing. like, your face. all of you. you are really, genuinely beautiful. stay strong <3

  • drqrana says:

    I commend you for the courage you have to share your views. If you rewind and watch your video, you will find the idea ” how flawed you are” behind every sentence. Let me assure you one fact: You will never be able to enjoy your life to the fullest until you deal with your deep rooted shame. Forget about your weight, address the issue of shame and your weight will disappear. I also assure you that I love you as a human being, not as an obese person. Take care. I send? you lots of PEACE and LOVE!

  • Cats21able says:

    you can do? anything if u just believe ! 🙂

  • Cats21able says:

    I’m being honest here . good video , your beautiful. and young and u should do? what ever it takes to lose weight . u don’t want to die early . . and with love, any man should accpt you who u r and if someone doeesn’t liek that bf is with u then bf can stand up for himself and do his best if he really loves you. u need more confidant and self essteemm girl . good luck !

  • kingnaz99 says:

    I will be your boyfriend and I wouldn’t care about anyone else.? And you don’t deserve the good things but the BEST things.

  • fehr783 says:

    i relate to this video. your not? alone girl, there are so many of us like you. falling is not the bad thing, the bad thing is staying down after the fall so keep picking yourself up.

  • Ali Onder says:

    If you do not like it, lose weight. Lazy fat bitch.?

  • buggalujuju says:

    Oh my gosh, i watched this video, i know it’s kind of an older video but i? totally related so much to this. My mother in law is always saying very rude and unthoughtful things to me about my weight. People really have no right to say anything about someone’s image…it’s almost violating in a way, as if it’s not hard enough to feel secure in your own body when people are so inconsiderate and thoughtless. But you are so beautiful! And i wish you the best of luck:]

  • DepressionHero says:

    Thanks for coming on camera to tell your truth! It takes a lot of guts!? My name is Omar and I was depressed for a long time. I was ashamed and ate chocolate a lot. I learned that taking a balanced approach to dealing with depression worked best. I beat depression naturally by; going to therapy, good nutrition, exercising, and most of all — finding the determination to discover the causes and get help. You can see my depression self help videos with the tips that worked for me on DepressionHero.

  • Tys Stith says:

    Who? are you? I am new to this, but, everything you have said is Me! sigh You seem to be a wonderful person. You are saying everything I think…

  • TheChemelynn says:

    God! That guy is a JERK, your body? is not his (or anyone else’s) business. Don’t let those people get you down.

  • Alana8480 says:

    I’m glad I found this. You’re a brave and well-spoken lady, and? what you say is inspiring. Thank you. God bless.

  • laurarox80 says:

    screw? that guy! how rude

  • MissDills says:

    Do you have any advice for me about over eating?..i love food….and this picture is not my weight now. I am 15 pounds? more..but i am very out of shape. Can you give me some advice?..WHEN I AM depressed i eat…when i am bored i eat

  • tamlynne2101 says:

    I know this is an older video but this is like listening to myself. I can relate to everything! I need to watch your newer videos but I? hope you are doing better! I am trying one day at a time but its not easy at all. I am fighting like hell with my depression and dealing with the med go round. Its very hard.

  • LittleMisLateBloomer says:

    Thank you for sharing!? <3 <3 <3

  • sallytaylorful says:

    I? relate to u….can’t stand myself sometimes…rrrrgh!!

  • laurarox80 says:

    I feel you. I envy the people who lose their appetite during depression because I have it always there as a default mood. I don’t gain weight because I stay active, but I know the guilt of ..engaging, eating in the middle of the night to try to ‘fix’ insomnia associated with the mood. Not wanting to leave the house and loss of motivation too, but all we can try to? do is love ourselves. Keep working on loving yourself and know that you have the support of me and all these others here on Utube

  • gemmaward4567 says:

    You know what sweety just hang in there and keep your head up high, I know some of the things that people do or say really hurts (I’ve had some homophobic things said to me) but at the end of the day you have a goal and your working towards it, and those people are just obstacles along the way:) and the main thing…they DO NOT matter?

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