Do You Think That Parents Should Take the Lead Roll in Subjects Like Sex and Drugs Instead of the School?

Question by Sophia’s Mommy: Do you think that parents should take the lead roll in subjects like sex and drugs instead of the school?
The schools in my area Have Sex Ed, DARE(Drug abuse resistance education) and GREAT (Gang resistance education and training)…I think these classes give parents an easy way out and put more pressure on the Schools.
Don’t you think it’s the Parents job to teach and inform kids about Sex and drugs instead being told by uninformed peers or watered down sex classes?

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Answer by erics love
i think both should but parents should make the first approach*

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Editorial: In Ramsey County, opiate abuse rises

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School programs, too, are part of the answer, with programs telling the stories of recovering addicts largely replacing Drug Abuse Resistance Education efforts, long a staple in area classrooms. On the safe-disposal front, information on prescription …
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Police chief steps down after 14 years at helm in White Oak

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… chief in June 1998, he said the department has provided 35 programs to the public, including the Citizens Police Academy, Cops and Kids basketball at Francis McClure Intermediate School, Crime Watch and Drug Abuse Resistance Education programs.
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School Safety in Scotts Valley

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Second, the Scotts Valley Police Department continues to teach the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program to all 5th grade classes in Scotts Valley. Additionally, Lieutenant John Hohmann teaches a weekly criminal justice class at Scotts Valley High …


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@thelovelyloud @blizoint Drug Abuse Resistance Education #DARE
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Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) – by BigBlackyy (Mr.Anderson )


10 Responses to Do You Think That Parents Should Take the Lead Roll in Subjects Like Sex and Drugs Instead of the School?

  • I'm not here says:

    yes I do

  • Irreversible says:

    I think is both school’s and parents job to fight this matters, since fighting in one side might not be enough… parent’s tend to be irresponsible and ignorant.

  • Corrine B says:

    No because some parents could care less about teaching their children and the reason schools are implementing these classes are because parents are not doing it at home. Some parents work 2 or 3 jobs to pay their bills and simply are too exhausted to be “great” parents. At least they are getting their education somewhere, I think it’s a great idea. I am a RN raising a 15 year old and he has no parents which is why we adopted him. His older brother who is my husband is not comfortable discussing certain things with him. School has helped him tremendously with these things that I cannot cover with him myself. Each family dynamic is very different.

  • A.Sholan says:

    I think it is good that schools have these because of the students that have parents that will not talk to them about it either way. But I do think that parents should still talk with their kids about it even though they have already had these classes.

  • dsmiling62 says:

    I think that it should be a collaborated effort on both parts. It should not be left to one or other.

  • Star says:

    both parents should, they should have started when the child was first curious.

  • paridise by the dashboard lights says:

    as a parent it is our job to teach our children. Our country is messed up with not taking the responsibility of our kids or our actions.

  • farplaces says:

    Constantine, Michigan…sex ed for teens…boys in one room, girls in adjoining room,,,separated by a dark closet. One girl and one boy permitted to enter dark closet for 60 seconds…

    Greenwood, Pennsylvania, male school principal and female assistand perform strip search of eleven early teen girls in the principal’s office while searching for drugs…

    West Newton, Masachusetts…sex ed teacher leaves class too use the bathroom and returns to find students practicing what she preaches…

    Schools should not be required to educate children about sex as that is a personal and moral act expected of parents. If anything, the parents should be responsible to educate their children about sex and be punished if not taking the necessary steps for doing so…

    As for drugs, who can keep up with them…? There are many organizations everywhere for drug education and so that also should not be required of schools either…

    It’s sad to think of the highschool dropout rate in this country, but at least they drop out knowing how to have sex and what drugs bring in the most money, right…???

    We have too many femme-nazi activist women telling others how to raise their kids as if their way of life is the only and the perfect way…daaaaaa… If kids need special training then send them to special schools… Meanwhile, they finish school unable to balance a checkbook, cannot make a valid budget and can’t even measure with a tape rule correctly… BUT…that’s Ok because they know all about sex and drugs, right…?

    Girls can get on the pill without parental knowlege, girls can be pregnant and parents not told, children can divorce parents…WHEN DOES IT STOP…!

    If you here are a parent or planning to be one…which of the above do you want for your own child…?

    I think I made my point…!

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  • Marshmellow says:


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