Do You Think That Teen Pregnancy and Drug Abuse Affects American Society? or Is It Not Societies Problem?

Question by ubgirly2: Do you think that teen pregnancy and drug abuse affects American society? Or is it not societies problem?
lets take drug abuse by teens first, drug abuse often leads to crime, which often leads to imprisonment, which, our prison system is over crowed!!!!!
ok teen moms, their kids grow up in poor neighborhoods, often infested with drug dealers, they turn to drug dealing and crime as a means of supporting themselves because they see no other oppurtunities, often times end up participating in crimes such as robbery, rape, and murder, so, is teen preganacy not societies problem?
Oh wait, I know, should we just tell our kids not to have sex? hmm……so there are those that believe this will work hugh, boy, I hate to see your kids when they grow up, they will be the next generation of pregnant teenagers!!!!!!
Of course people should be held accountable for their own actions, and I believe everyone is!!!!!!
But if we could do more to prevent the problem, society as a whole would benefit!!!!!
Chuck G, the question is at the top, please read, the rest is details, as that is what that section is provided for!!!!!!!!!

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Answer by abe frohman
Should we expect people to responsible for their own actions? Applaud those that choose to have the baby rather than kill but why not put it up for adoption?

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