Does IDRC in NJ Drug Test You?

Question by : does IDRC in NJ drug test you?
My friend was convicted of a DWI for drinking and driving… He lost his license for 7 months and also has to attend a 12 hour Intoxication driving program. 2 days each of 6 hour classes… He asked me if they drug test because he smokes pot alot… I told him I havnt a clue seeing I do not do drugs or am going to the program myself but let him know yahoo answers would help him out 😉 Thanks guys!

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Answer by Nico Jones
For all it’s worth. Your friend got away fairly well. I know of people who got 1 year suspension and probation. Pot smoker eh? a lot eh? and I bet he does it even when or while driving. In my book he does not deserve the privilege of driving, he is a public threat, in your place I would stay away from that type of subjects. Do you know if you are with him in a car and he gets stopped for any violation and in the process the car is searched and drugs are found, you will also be subject to arrest?

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