DON’T FORGET! Ps. Ron Paul 4 President = END the DRUG WAR!


DON’T FORGET! ps. Ron Paul 4 President = END THE DRUG WAR! – yup, the title just about sums it up ^_^ DON’T FORGET! ps. Ron Paul 4 President = END THE DRUG WAR! oh, yea… Phoenix Joins the World Worldwide Marijuana March Indian Steele Park 4:20pm May 3, 2008 3rd Street & Indian School Entrance *Arrive early for good parking!* Mobility challenged? Can’t take the heat? Ride in your car along with us! Signs/Costumes/Car Decorations Encouraged Info. & Volunteers contact: 480.251.1215 If you believe you should have the right, as a responsible adult American, to choose a safer recreational alternative to alcohol or prescription drugs, please show up. get the flyer here: COPY & DISTRIBUTE! what the hell, i can’t help myself… Ron Paul on Drugs Republican Representative (TX-14) He would repeal most federal drug laws. He believes that blacks are treated unfairly and inner-city minorities are punished unfairly in war on drugs. And that the 0Billion on The War on Drugs since 1970s has been a total failure . He wants to legalize industrial hemp. He voted NO on military border patrols to battle drugs & terrorism. He voted NO on subjecting federal employees to random drug tests. He sponsored an Act to Legalize medical marijuana. He recognizes that The War on Drugs has abused Bill of Rights. And… Ron Paul adopted the Republican Liberty Caucus Position Statement: As adopted by the General Membership of the Republican Liberty Caucus at its Biannual


This Week in Poverty: A Wake-Up Call on Housing and Homelessness

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Pathways provides its wraparound services through Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams that use evidence-based care that has been studied since the 1970s. Each team consists of a substance abuse specialist, vocational counselor, nurse, …
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From Sarah Jane to Vincent: The changing face of HIV

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In June 2000, Sarah Jane died of complications from AIDS. Some news reporters … Within two years, she had sexual relations with a 16-year-old boy, with whom she had a child, and in which she faced charges of child abuse. She had a drug … He said …
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15 Responses to DON’T FORGET! Ps. Ron Paul 4 President = END the DRUG WAR!

  • SuperBunyon says:

    Legal or not legal? you guys still have little problem smoking it I’m sure.

  • 555orchid says:

    This is stupid. Ron Paul had? a lot of god ideas other than just legalizing marijuana. The fact that you focus on that makes you look like a dumb stoner.

  • doodoomonster8 says:

    y is it illegal i dont know y.well there vids on it y it is illegal but im too god damn lazy.but yea it should’nt be illegal it should be legal.i would rather do weed then cocaine,meth and all the? other serious shit.if i was the goverment mother fucker i would legalize weed.its a drug they say but drugs dont hav seeds.comes from the earth not in a lab.

  • cbcf123 says:

    Nice Video lolz, my names Haley, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y? if any guyz wana chat im usually on
    ___ ___ my username there is Haley-heinmatf chat soon 😉

  • divinityblue says:



  • divinityblue says:


    thank you!

    plenty more to come ? ^_^

  • Marc Woolbright says:

    The govt. has no right meddling in the lives of adults concerning what we eat, drink, or smoke..a sane adult? can decide for himself, it is his right to make up his own mind, his privacy, and happiness if he likes…what about paper products, rope and canvas, and oil from the seeds…its medicine for some and should not be prohibited by big government.

  • punkseeker900 says:

    DAMMM!! thats? alot of shit there. nice vid too

  • divinityblue says:

    REAL! ^_^

    the dude was somewhere it was legal, and it was back when american money still had value.

    he got all that for less than $100
    LOL ^_^ it was a language barrier misscomunication, he was actually trying to buy? like an ounce.

  • punkseeker900 says:

    um is that reall weed there in the? tub or fake??

  • homegrowntwinkie says:

    well hmph.
    this gets a 5 star rating from me…wish i knew the song though….too bad i cant live in az? anymore =[

  • divinityblue says:


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  • divinityblue says:


    Honors for This Video:
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  • divinityblue says:

    no cheap shots intended!
    we love Ron Paul!!!
    *video coming soon* ^_^

    he doesn’t want to legalize it for recreational purposes, but i figure that’s most people’s reason ^_^

    the most important reasons? are medicinal, industrial, and environmental.

    i know these are the things i should focus on, but i don’t think that’s the thing that will get people’s attention or get people active for the cause.


  • Bushiter says:

    I know why you are taking cheap shots at Ron Paul. It’s because if he does make them legal you will be OUT OF BUSINESS and have to find? another job :).

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