Dopamine Short Film


Dopamine Short Film – PLEASE NOTE: she wasnt naked……nor was she really smoking weed in this film) This is a short film about drug abuse and how it negativity impacts a drug addicts life. i wanted to show the point of view a drug addict and the internal struggle one goes through when taking drugs visually, so its a very visual film vs your typical story narration Song used : Celldweller – Goodbye ,celldweller – frozen (vibe tribe rmx) “Celldweller-Frozen (Audesi Remix) Note : she was not naked nor was she smoking weed… in the film Cast and Crew: Melanie Grant,Joseph Volney,Dominique Henderson Bonnett,Stefan Forde,Jamonn Roberts, special thanks to : Augstin Hatar Jason A. Russell,Paula Mascoll Clish Gittens Alex jackson,Jovanna Ellis,Ajala Blenman,Ekile Greenidge,Ross Rosay Kool Lavine,Mark king,Tania Hoser. KEDREW this is made for my story narration class for university of west indies this is none profit


Montanans protective of gun rights, suspicious of new restrictions

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Others prohibited from possessing or buying firearms are convicted felons; people under indictment for a felony; fugitives from justice; people who use or are addicted to controlled substances; people who have been adjudicated by a court as mentally …
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Alcohol, tobacco and drug-free parades: fact or fiction?

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All I have asked them to do when they pass the designated alcohol, tobacco and drug-free area is to do so through the back of the zone, to respect our space and to keep their addictive substance use out of the eye shot of our youth and families …
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Drug Abuse Impairs Sexual Performance in Men Even After Rehabilitation

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This finding contradicts other studies reporting that men spontaneously recovered their normal sexual performance at three weeks after quitting substance abuse. The results of this … In this study, the researchers assessed the sexual performance of …
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