Dressed in Yellow- Karen Stigar


Dressed in Yellow- Karen Stigar – Time is precious. That’s clear in the voices of women inmates whose work was presented in the “Prison Stories Project” performance recently at St. Paul’s Episcopal. Nine women participated in the program and their work was written into a script that was performed actors, said Kathy McGregor, prison stories project coordinator. “There are times when times are good and times when times are bad. But, time is all I ever had and now my time is locked up time,” one of the actors said on stage. The women who participated in this project are inmates at the Northwest Arkansas Community Corrections Center. The program was influenced by the prison stories project in Memphis, Tenn., coordinated by Elaine Blanchard, McGregor said. “When I moved to Fayetteville, Elaine and I discussed about how nice it would be if we could expand this program and then I applied for a small grant with the Arkansas Arts Council and I was sent to Memphis to study the program in Memphis,” McGregor said. The Arkansas Arts Council administers both federal and state grants to support programs and services for organizations, Arkansas schools and Arkansas artists. The women ranged in ages from their 20s to 50s and all their stories were formed into a script using words performed by volunteer actors, said Erika Wilhite, an actor and artistic director for the prison stories project. The women participated in a four-month program of creative writing, poetry and oral poetry workshops, said Katie Nichol, poet-in


Final resting place of Newtown massacre gunman Adam Lanza may never be

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Authorities have not offered a motive for the killings. State police say they have been exploring all aspects of Adam Lanza's life including his education, family history and medical treatment for clues. Authorities have said it could take months to …
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Medicare patients may suffer if country goes over fiscal cliff

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Virginia Heart, the largest cardiovascular group in the Washington Metropolitan area, says its doctors simply cannot afford a 30% decrease in pay. … It states: "The Administration is disappointed that Congress has failed to pass a solution to …
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Iran Missile Test: Rocket Test Claimed Near Strait Of Hormuz

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Iran has said in the past it might close the strait over Western sanctions or military threats against its nuclear facilities, but has stepped back from those threats in recent months. Both the United States and Israel have not ruled out a military …
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