Question by meeeee09: DRUG ABUSE IN THE FAMILY. HELP!?
My husbands mother was once addicted to several types of drugs…sleep aids and muscle relaxers. and some others, not sure all. she was a different person then the person we know and love.

We tried and tried to help her. she went through rehab a few times. she was finally becoming her normal self again. happy and aware of things. not always asleep. e lived in GA and she lives in WV…I would talk to her on the phone and I could tell she was doing very well!

we just recently moved here to WV and we been staying with her until we find a place of our own. She seemed to be doing very well. I was so proud of her.

BUT…as of 2 days ago she has been sleeping alot, talking weird, being VERY forgettful. coming into the bedroom where we been sleeping at night and asking if we want cookies and mumbling her words. shes showing signs of drug abuse again.

then I just got up to use the restroom a little bit ago…found sleep aid pills all in her sink, and the bottle in the sink. as if she tried to get some and spilled them. and now I can hear her out in the kitchen moving stuff around alot. like shes moving pots and pans. we locked the bedroom door..were affraid she will come in here while were asleep and try to pick up our 6 month old baby girl out of her crib. I dont want her around this crap. I dont know what to do.

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Answer by Tash.
Well, I’ve been around, and seen drug addicts (pill addictions as well), my own mom has a pill problem, and I can’t seem to get through to her. The fact of the matter is, people on any type of drug, prescription, recreational, they just aren’t themselves, they are a totally different person which can make them unsafe. For example, I knew a person who was on several different pills, and on air duster also known as dust off, which is an inhalant also very dangerous, and they don’t remember a thing, but they tried choking a person, and deliberately hurt them, but didn’t even remember it. Keep the door locked, and don’t come out unless you absolutely have to until morning. Honestly, the best thing to do, which is hard is confront her, and be honest. You have rights to protect your child, and yourselves, and to not put yourself in a situation like that. It’s not fair, and it shouldn’t be tolerated. I’m not the best example of that, I’m not perfect, but in your situation that’s my best advice is to just keep the door locked until morning, she should be more aware in the morning (hopefully_, and talk to her about it. I hope I helped. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me! I hope I helped, and if I didn’t, sorry!

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