Drug Law’s Addiction to Racial Disparity


Drug Law’s Addiction to Racial Disparity – ColorLines’ Tammy Johnson applauds the Obama administration’s move to reform drug policy to a health-based approach, and lays down some figures on our current laws’ unjust impact on communities of color. As posted to Racewire: www.racewire.org


Anthony Kiedis and Flea show their paternal sides as the spend quality time

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The 50-year-old, who has battled with drug addiction in the past, kept his face in the shade with a trucker style hat, beneath which his moustache could be seen. He kept cool drinking a red coloured drink as he chatted to his band mate Flea. Family …
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Lance Armstrong: Oprah Winfrey's most outrageous interviews

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In 2003, Oprah's Book Club promoted author James Frey's bestselling memoirs about his drug addiction and rehab, A Million Little Pieces, which has sold four million copies. But Frey was soon exposed as fabricating parts of the book by the website The …
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Opinion: NJ Certificate of Recovery would provide second chance after drug

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Addiction had consumed 30 years of her life and led to several arrests, but she ultimately emerged from both drug use and prison. Since Ms. Holman's 1995 release from the corrections system, she took inspiration from her role as grandmother and …
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