Drug: Mescaline?

Question by pingping: drug: mescaline?
-what are the short & long term physical effects does mescaline have on the body ?

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Drug Mescaline

Description Mescaline is a naturally occurring psychedelic found in several cactus species most notably, Peyote and San Pedro.

Picture San Pedro & Peyote Photos

How it’s Used Marijuana is smoked in the form of loosely rolled cigarettes called “joints”, in hollowed out commercial cigars called “blunts”, in standard pipes or in water pipes known as “bongs”.

Effects Mescaline causes haluccinations.

Side Effects Mescaline provokes pupil dialation, dizziness, vomiting, tachycardia, sensations of warm and cold, swatting, headaches. Some of the visions under the effect of mescaline can cause nightmares that can give birth to some psychosis to the consumers.

Remedies Here are some sites that offer remedies for drugs including Mescaline.

DrugHelp.org is a private, non-profit information and referral network providing information on specific drugs and treatment options, and referrals to public and private treatment programs, self-help groups, family support groups and crisis centers throughout the United States.
Narconon Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment for Addiction. High success rate. Offers Narconon Drug Prevention and Education Services.
Church Of Scientology International Drug Solutions presents information on effective drug education, drug prevention and drug rehabilitation.
Drug Education Council offers ways to prevent drug abuse and become better informed about current local and national community awareness efforts.

One or more of the following side effects may or may not accompany any individual experience with mescaline.

Open eye visuals
Closed-eye visuals
New thought processes
Dream-like scenarios
Mystical experience
Pupil dilation
Sensations of warm and cold
Temporary splitting/destruction of ego
Feeling of dying or annihilation
Fear of not being able to return to normal consciousness
Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD)
Irrationality of the thought-process

Side note: If you have trouble finding it under that name, try Peyote, it is more common under Native American folk medicaines. My Uncle told me that, his wifes father was a shaman, and it is used to go on vision quests. Hope this helps.

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