Drug Rehabilitation Interview With Two Intake Councillors.


Drug Rehabilitation Interview with two Intake Councillors. – In this video you will learn the biggest problem in getting addicts to enter rehab. We have two long term experienced intake councillors discussing the first problem they have to overcome and what you can do if you are in this situation to speed matters along. You can see more at: drugrehabus.org for US citizens and http for Australian citizens. Below is a transcript of the interview: Charlie: As you know addicts are very skill full at manipulating life so others cop the responsibility of their actions. Not them. You see, and they’ve been handling the consequences of the addict’s choice. Right, and they keep handling it for them and it never gets put back on him. So he lives a fantastic life. He doesn’t have to earn money, yet he can take drugs, come home anytime he wants, eat when he wants, turn on the electricity, and there is hot water. Christine: No one else can do that in life, except for a drug addict. Charlie: Exactly. Christine: You get rewarded. Charlie: Because they (parents/spouses) are taking all the consequences of his actions. So what do parents do? What do they do? You know, what do they do? It’s simple, they do nothing. Christine: Yeah, that’s right, it forces, it forces the person to have a realisation. Charlie: Because if they don’t take up the slack life is going to start to intervene, there is did it pay the bill intervention, there is, have to go to court now because I got all busted drink driving intervention. The magistrates going to intervene and


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15 Responses to Drug Rehabilitation Interview With Two Intake Councillors.

  • Archiesview says:

    It is quite useless to put an addict in a rehab centre unless he/she actually wants to break the habit. Rehab only succeeds when the addict has made up their mind they want off. I skilled councillor can sometimes achieve this by getting the addict to see things differently or give them the support they need to make it through. One of the more viscous? aspects of drug taking is that the drugs make the person think it is okay to use. They don’t call drugs ‘mind altering’ for nothing.

  • Edgar Mixson says:

    Drug rehabilitation counselors have many duties that help? facilitate their patients’ recovery. They work with patients on both a one-on-one and group basis. Rehab counselors must deal with patients who realize that they need help as well as those who are in denial and have been forced into a program by family members.

  • Archiesview says:

    Yes, that is why we try to explain exactly what our program offers so the person can make a very? informed decision.

  • Joseph Antiles says:

    Recently, there are lots of rehabilitation programs that are extensively available at? any place worldwide. It’s extremely required for every single addict to select the best treatment plans that are really appropriate for their needs.

  • Archiesview says:

    Thanks Lynna.?

  • Lynna Katrina Anderson says:

    Being addicted to various substances often needs treatment and aid in the operation of professional rehabilitation.
    but it could be the solution to a whole new beginning for him..thanks for this? video..

  • Archiesview says:

    Yes you do. That’s why we try so? hard.

  • Ramon Boivin says:

    Struggling with addictive problems can be a heart wrenching process,? and you want the best prospect for being successful.

  • Jody Stpierre says:

    Since drug abuse has become so common in the world that consulting a rehab center nowadays is no big thing. Counselors and experts handling those centers have become quite used to the calls and are not shocked any more. They are there to help us to get rid of the bad habit that we took in. It is nothing to be? ashamed of.

  • Archiesview says:

    In the long run only education will be the answer to drug use. Until more kids and others have better solutions to their problems than taking drugs the epidemic will continue. Drugs do not make anything better. While they may give a short? relief from upset and depression or shyness they don’t and can’t fix the problem. The only effect drugs have on personality is to make it worse than it is. You can’t fix your brain by drugging it.

  • James Gurney says:

    Reality check makes it clear that even the most perfect cities have? a thin boundary line of drug addiction. Many countries though who have started facing the reality have made many drug rehabilitation centers which help addicts to get out of their addiction of drugs and alcohols.

  • Sergio Lewandowski says:

    Drug addiction is any day more than what we see in movies, read in books or? see in an interview. Closing your eyes does not mean that you can pave your way from reality. The reality is that even in places where people are bound to think that they lead a perfect life and things like drug abuse can not make harm to them is actually not true.

  • Archiesview says:

    Yes timely is the word. So many parents leave it too long thinking they are helping by supplying all the needs of their addict and letting off the? responsibility hook.

  • Ashley Kalb says:

    However, with timely intervention, the addicts can definitely come back to their normal lives and lead a healthy life thereafter. Only some awareness and mature thinking is what is? needed in order to address these issues just as they would address any other health issues of their loved ones.

  • Domonique Durst says:

    Drug rehabilitation programs are meticulously designed so as to guide the addicts in a proper way in overcoming the dependency on drugs and alcohol and impart a sense? of strong social value in them which will help them to get back to their normal lives.

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