Drug Rehabilitation Interview With Two Intake Councillors.


Drug Rehabilitation Interview with two Intake Councillors. – In this video you will learn the biggest problem in getting addicts to enter rehab. We have two long term experienced intake councillors discussing the first problem they have to overcome and what you can do if you are in this situation to speed matters along. You can see more at: drugrehabus.org for US citizens and http for Australian citizens. Below is a transcript of the interview: Charlie: As you know addicts are very skill full at manipulating life so others cop the responsibility of their actions. Not them. You see, and they’ve been handling the consequences of the addict’s choice. Right, and they keep handling it for them and it never gets put back on him. So he lives a fantastic life. He doesn’t have to earn money, yet he can take drugs, come home anytime he wants, eat when he wants, turn on the electricity, and there is hot water. Christine: No one else can do that in life, except for a drug addict. Charlie: Exactly. Christine: You get rewarded. Charlie: Because they (parents/spouses) are taking all the consequences of his actions. So what do parents do? What do they do? You know, what do they do? It’s simple, they do nothing. Christine: Yeah, that’s right, it forces, it forces the person to have a realisation. Charlie: Because if they don’t take up the slack life is going to start to intervene, there is did it pay the bill intervention, there is, have to go to court now because I got all busted drink driving intervention. The magistrates going to intervene and


Drug dealers to fund Russian rehab programmes

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By IANS/RIA Novosti,. Moscow: Funds seized from drug traffickers should be spent on treatment and rehabilitation programmes, director of Russia's Federal Drug Control Service Viktor Ivanov. "It is common practice in the world for drug barons' money to …
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Narconon Freedom Center Joins Albion Health Alliance Committee

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Narconon Freedom Center, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation and community outreach center, is pleased to announce that they have joined the Albion Health Care Alliance Committee lending support for their annual Holiday Benefit Ball being held November …
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