Drug Use: The Effects of Ketamine


Drug Use: The Effects of Ketamine – The Effects of Ketamine This is just a video I did for my school health project about the effects of drugs (In this case the drug, Ketamine). Of course, this is to go against drug use and to show how it can impair your life. Anyways, that’s my splurge so, enjoy! Check out my website here: sites.google.com Sunday, December 9, 2012: Video reached 29000 views! By the way, in case anyone is wondering, I made all the parts of this video (animation, editing, etc.) from scratch using various programs which including Pivot 2.2.5, Beneton Movie GIF, and Windows Movie Maker. Pictures are from Google, and the music is called “Silver”. It can be found on www.freeplaymusic.com.


Ideas On How To Diagnose The Vicodin Negative Effects

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Patients utilizing the medicine are advised to consume this specific drug appropriately to prevent the side effects of Vicodin like the following: low inhalation, strange fatigue, reduce urge for food, weakness, sleepiness, bowel irregularity, along …
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24 Responses to Drug Use: The Effects of Ketamine

  • Danny Vith says:

    Also it leads to premature aging peeps! this shit is the bollocks but it fucks up your body and? corrodes it to fuck!! be very careful!!

  • Wacked112 says:

    And in fact, ketamine? is depression reducing

  • Wacked112 says:

    I miss Mr. Mackey! Don’t Do Drugs? mmmkeeeeey

  • mitch andersomthing says:

    do your research better. ketamine is a treatment for depression, mood instability’s and anxiety. you also failed to mention how? temporary the majority of thos side effects are. unless you are a heavy user you are fine with no long term damage whatsoever and all side effects are gone in a matter or 3 hours. the rest of that shit is just if you are reckless. the raised heart rate is harmless aside from the addition of a large dose for an anxiety attack. death is at 4 grams btw. next to impossible

  • jositowsantos says:

    all true n i love? it ahaha

  • ewasseur says:

    bla bla bla ,,take? away this shit ,,,your not helping ,,

  • Kill Bill says:

    anyone? got k for sale?

  • Ben Vollmer says:

    honestly up until 45 seconds this? video was making me want to use ketamine lol

  • 8u80n1k says:

    Actually ketamine cures depression better than? any other pharmy. Also has one of the highest LD50s. A very safe drug. It is an anesthetic and should not be used for physical activities, like stairs.

  • sandoz88888 says:

    To overdose on ketamine you have to take 36? grams per kilogram of body weight… So whoever lost their friend to an overdose yeah I call bullshit.

  • David Panfil says:

    k has absolutely no respiratory effects thats bullshit?

  • TheKaskazi says:

    yes it is, in kenya you can buy? vials at the chemist without a persciption just mix the liquid with some weed and let it dry

  • KunjaBihariKrishna says:

    its not possible to smoke? ketamine

  • clevelandtyler2 says:

    This is fucking retarded.?

  • DJ Moonboots says:

    This is a? well intended video, however its litter. There is no substantial information here at all. Your finale of don’t do drugs is simply mind boggling, Good sir, walk to your medicine cabinet and tell me what there is in there, we all take drugs on a daily basis, be a little less moronic and specify which drug to not do and specify why but please do not drop all drugs into this category!

  • bblokar1 says:



    choose? one

  • PremiumFB says:

    I used to sniff lines of ketamine on partys and never got those weird feelings, Only felt like partying more & more and feeling? kinda light
    The feeling when xtc kicks in that feeling for 40-50 min.

  • vassillioss says:

    60 a gram over here, not even the good stuff. But still worth it?

  • mizzamoe says:

    Dissociative anesthetics were initially synthesized for human consumption, like putting someone under for surgery, for example. They found out pretty soon that there were also some unexpected side-effects of the? adverse type…

  • mizzamoe says:

    Ketamine is in the class of drugs known as dissociative anesthetics. It’s similar to? phencyclidine(PCP) in both effects and molecular structure, but ketamine has a much much shorter period of duration. Other drugs in the same class include Nitrous Oxide and dextromethorphan(DXM), I believe…

  • burncastbrc says:

    I lost a friend? to an overdose of ketamine.

  • sefuepaya says:

    Unreal like any drug legal or not…. If u abuse any substance bad things will happen. There has been times i had to drive in the khole (plenty of times). Me n everyone in car is fine. I have had to work? in a restaurant and all i got was guest thankn my mgr for great dining experience.

  • CrashBand16 says:

    Dude, this is just a grade 9 health project, we were told that we had to add that in for the sake of the project. I personally don’t give a crap if? people use drugs, I completely agree with you, I don’t think anyone who uses drugs is low life at all, so you don’t need to go calling people f*cking idiots.

  • CrashBand16 says:

    This video isn’t about not using drugs, it’s about drug abuse. If you take the it as a recreational drug, then you become a victim of? these effects. I don’t care if anyone uses them, this was simply to show what would happen if you, as you mentioned, “let the drugs use you”.

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