Ecstasy (Yes, the Club Drug) as a Treatment for Autism?


Ecstasy (Yes, the Club Drug) as a Treatment for Autism? – A new study in the journal Biological Psychiatry suggests that MDMA—that’s the club drug, ecstasy—may be used to ‘enhance the psychotherapy of people who struggle to feel connected to others.’ For this reason, it’s suggested that the drug might be used with those who have autism, schizophrenia, or antisocial personality disorder. Researchers do note that ‘these effects have been difficult to measure objectively, and there has been limited research in humans.’ And it’s pretty hard not to look at this latest idea about treating autism with several grains of salt. The new study, Is Ecstasy an “Empathogen”?, was undertaken by University of Chicago researchers and funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. According to the lead author, Dr. Gillinder Bedi: “We found that MDMA produced friendliness, playfulness, and loving feelings, even when it was administered to people in a laboratory with little social contact. We also found that MDMA reduced volunteers’ capacity to recognize facial expressions of fear in other people, an effect that may be involved in the increased sociability said to be produced by MDMA.” The study found that the use of MDMA can make others ‘seem more attractive and friendly.’ However, MDMA can also make others seem ‘less threatening, which could increase users’ social risk-taking’—and which could, and would, one might think, pose potentially significant problems for those with psychiatric disorders or individuals on the autism spectrum, who may


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19 Responses to Ecstasy (Yes, the Club Drug) as a Treatment for Autism?

  • bloodrot123 says:

    I have aspbergers? and I find mdma really helps with the scocial aspects of life it is such a powerfull drug that Ii recon some one could be cured in 3 sessions with cancelling

  • uscitizens4truth says:

    The big pharmaceutical companies will keep trying to convince people that they can make a product more superior? that marijuana but they are all about? profits and do not care about their patients well being. Since my diagnostic I have used marijuana and found it to be the only effective cure.

  • Blazey Mc says:

    i remember takin mickey mouses for 6 months back when i was bout 16, never did me any harm tbh. some drugs also have good qualitys,? theres a reason it enhances music, it enhances the mind.

  • Kronicilln3ss says:

    Btw the depression does not get any worse or frequent post MDMA I’ve used it for 10 yrs? and my lows before I started were constant almost and I wanted to die. Then I tried this and wow I want2live it’s been 2&1/2 yrs since I’ve even been able to find MDMA and I’m back were I started no better or worse & I binged for 2yrs 3months I did evryday small doses&then each week 2-3x’s a week in that time no effect my shit was clean tho cut w/caffeine only that maybe why dirty can screw u4good

  • Kronicilln3ss says:

    Every single day is a struggle and now my osteo arthritis has taken my teeth & my psoariatic puts rashes? all over and my juvenile rheumatoid arthritis makes it worse each day I degrade so I’m already on max dose pain opiate and need breakthru cuz every movement or lack of hurts plus I got fibromyalgia &depression&anxiety I’m on 3mg Xanax a day&10mg valium 4muscle pain they took me off my soma another great safe med replaced by new1’s that suck don’t work&are deadly FDA heads up it’s ass

  • Kronicilln3ss says:

    …I don’t think that the powers that be want us to ever be happy or feel happy in the constitution it says in the pursuit of happiness well in that chase I’ve found MDMA to be the only thing that ever helped me with my psychological problem&my physical pain&accepting things as they are it let me be closer2ppl like my girl&daughter better then any med ever did plz legalize it globally fuck alchohol they’re rich enuff end the suffering?

  • Kronicilln3ss says:

    I agree 100% but I think that they know that it’s a great medication the reason it’s illegal is alchohol sales plummet when it wasn’t banned so the companies hired lobbyist to make it illegal&the FDA also tested meth labeled as MDMA on rats & put those results in the scientific journal so it’s way safe I feel like u an overload of info all the time? I can’t be round family even lost all friends on top of it my pain depletes my serotonin im a health mess but this stuff helped me a ton I don’t thi

  • Vosh16 says:


  • themostdismal says:

    Yes, I have the same experience with cannabis and MDMA is very different (good). However, unfortunately much pills sold today don’t contain any? real mdma. They’re not necessarily more dangerous but they just don’t work in the same way.

  • downunder420pm says:

    Yeah? I got mild ass burgers, I love weed, I love loving people (I like cuddling and sex and girls in general) I have psychosis from dxm a bit and a really weird synesthesia, but i never tried MDMA, i really want to though. I use to get natural euphoria listening to music (certin types) I listend to one song while a bit high on dank, and it was like emotional euphoria. Im a fucked up person to be honest. I wish that I was normal, im very good with girls , but Im just out of it all the time:/

  • Fonzerrellie69 says:

    and yes I have my own severe chemical imbalances and meditations/breathing has always helped keep me balanced during the bad times, then learning and understanding my own illness has helped me stay balanced longer… but I do lead a closed off life and have been told that mdma might bring me out of my “shell”
    but I? don’t know if there’s a chance it will permanently mess up my serotonin levels making my depression and anxiety even worse then it’s not worth the risk. i”d need more research

  • Fonzerrellie69 says:

    I guess what I’m getting at is I’ve read that people with extreme chemical imbalances can be permanently affected with even worse depressions and anxieties than they started out with… making they’re life with aspies that? much harder when their not in the euphoric state on the drug with the over stimulant of the rave.

    it sounds like her lows have gotten a lot worse and frequent since she did mdma for the first time years ago… I’m worried for my friend

  • Fonzerrellie69 says:

    I agree with the meditation, I don’t do it enough but if I? feel a panic attack I use the techniques I’ve learnt to calm them….

    I”m friends with someone who has really bad asperger’s and she claims mdma was one of the best thing’s she ever took to help her break out of her shell… she recently went through a long period of ups and downs losing jobs and such with the same tales of greatness and self indulgence (not making fun) then she went into a shut down period for the last 4 mths

  • Ducksongstoned says:

    I still? haven’t got any links to getting some MDMA yet.

  • 0ct0parr0t says:

    trust me, cocaine is something you DONT want to start doing, just stick to ? MDMA every month or so

  • Ducksongstoned says:

    I’d give MDMA a try.
    Just two days ago I tried like 20 dollars worth of cocaine and I was very worried I’ll get a bad reaction when in fact I had felt like my anxiety level has been reduced a lot and after I snorted the Coke I felt really happy within seconds.
    No anxiety at all from the coke but I smoked a some decent quailty marijuana and I started to feel a bit anxious.

  • 0ct0parr0t says:

    try it. if it works it works, if it doesnt, it doesnt. I have aspergers aswell and it has been a god send. after taking it just the once, i asure you it WONT make you paraniod at all, but it does have a ‘come down’ which a cup of? tea will sort out nicely.
    hope that helps.

  • seereal12345 says:

    just the fact that you have a tv on saids a lot to? me

  • wooger9375 says:

    What do you mean ‘Do you have? a degree on the wall?’ wtf has that got to do with anything?!

    and please if you think taking all these drugs is good for this guy then you are as delusional as he is.

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