Faith & Drug Abuse Prevention


Faith & Drug Abuse Prevention – The ASAP Center in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area helps ideas become reality. With small grants, the center helps faith-based groups prevent drug use in the Tri-State area.


Community center liftsresidents of central city

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Vacant buildings and homes, some havens for drug dealing or scavenging for copper and aluminum, lace the neighborhoods. But contrary … A new 19-member board of directors — almost all have served about a year or less — and Executive Director Sonya …
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Manfredy “I didn't even know who Mayweather was; I was busy fornicating”

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Heavy drug use, alcohol binges, endless women; the Angel Manfredy of the late 90's was a tornado of self abuse; a hell-raiser on a fast track to ultimate destruction. It's hard to believe that the highly-skilled Indiana man would often do his …


APD program seeks to make apartments safer

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… more than 2,000 cities. Anderson is one of three Indiana cities to embrace the program and is in its third year. … The seminar advises employees how to identify and report crime, including lease violations, drug sales and child abuse. Boynton …
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Take away their guns

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He's from a small town in Indiana; his parents separated when he was very young; he underwent something called 'past life regression therapy' and accused his biological father of sexually abusing him as a toddler; he indulged in petty larceny. When he …
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