Ft. Detrick Biological Warfare Program 1950s Maryland US Army


Ft. Detrick Biological Warfare Program 1950s Maryland US Army – In 1989, Ft Detrick biological diseases experts were called on by the Virginia Department of Health and Hygiene when a commercial laboratory animal holding facility in Reston, Virginia, experienced an outbreak of an Ebola virus in its primate population. The potentially devastating outbreak was quickly handled, preventing what health officials feared could have had a terrible effect on humans. Author Richard Preston chronicled in The Hot Zone the rapid and effective response by Ft. Detrick scientists and soldiers. This in turn sparked at least one major movie (Outbreak), which based its story on the basic scenario of the Ebola outbreak The US Army established its offensive Biological Warfare program at Fort Detrick in 1943. The purpose of the program was twofold: develop defensive mechanisms against biological attack and develop weapons with which the United States could respond in kind if attacked by an enemy who used biological weapons. The offensive Biological Warfare program remained at Fort Detrick until November 1969, when the United States formally renounced the use of lethal biological agents and weapons, and all other methods of biological warfare and discontinued these offensive programs. From 1943 through 1953, biological warfare research on humans was observational in that it was done after occupational exposure incidents or accidents among workers in the biowarfare facilities. These incidents provided the station hospital the unique opportunity to study the


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  • Texasmc1rgenes says:

    You have got to be kidding ! I can not believe the happy butterfly music playing. This is insane ! And during the elevator scene a tall man is seen looking about, where the? hell is,he at the puano singi.g scene ? He is dead !

  • davidrlarson says:

    Fort Deitrich?

  • wakenbakejake420 says:

    fuck frederick?


    This is how? the government treats their own.

  • adelle0001 says:

    wow!? nice video!

  • morphodox18 says:

    @farahiv Yes, it was created and isolated there to minimize human? population.

  • usmcoth says:

    Did you say Antrax vaccine? How is it that the government keeps that secret??

  • futuremason4301 says:

    @farahiv it? wouldent surprise me.

  • Angron022 says:

    you spelled Detrich wrong…… you sure? you worked there?

  • 7DeMoN7 says:

    Bullshit! Used for defense, yeah right… its a? damn bioweapon for killing not saving! lying bastards

  • earthkrew says:

    really? awesome…not really

  • KnifeEdgeCrash says:

    @BrendanIsCool, I voluteered for the one and only project during my time there, but they had to many volunteers and I was not chosen. They were working with sand fly fever and Tuleremia… I don’t recall which. I guess what they learned from this applied to anthrax and enabled a vaccine to be developed. From time to time I see other Whitecoat volunteers and no? one has lasting problems as far a I know. My high shool boys dean did complain about some minor ailments resulting White Coats.

  • BrendanIsCool says:

    what were you infected with and? have you any chronic ailments? I’m an infectious disease doctor and find operation whitecoat particularly intriguing.

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