Georgia State Probation?

Question by Tammy B: georgia state probation?
I understand that a person must follow the rules once placed on probation. But my son was placed on intense probation in Lowndes County, for 8 years for meth use. He was not ever drug tested, nor had a home visit in 11 months. Now he has been arrested again, with less than $ 1.00 street value of meth, and is going to be sentenced to 9 years in prison, as well as having probation revoked. His probation officer(former police officer) is not willing to let him enter rehab, then go to prison. What is a person to do in this situation. He has a good lawyer who see’s the probation mess up as not a real issue to address! [email protected]

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Answer by Jen T
He shouldn’t have to be tested. He knows that the terms of his probation prohibit use. They also (apparently)prohibit possession. Where do YOU think the other $ 20 worth went? DUH.

Sounds like you are condoning his actions.
Some mom.

Do you want him dead from meth, or to go thru a painful rehabilitation with others that have “been there, done that”? Sounds like he needs a good hard sentence to get him away from the stuff- AND HIS ENABLERS.

A good lawyer will smile and tell you what you want to hear and take your money, and KNOW that your kid did the crime, and will sit in jail.

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