Golden-Voiced Ohio Homeless Man Headed to Rehab


Golden-voiced Ohio Homeless Man Headed to Rehab – An Ohio homeless man whose silky voice made him a web phenomenon is headed to rehab for alcohol and drug dependency after an appearance on “Dr. Phil,” show representatives said Wednesday. (Jan. 12)


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With a hint of blues in lyrics like "Oh how you want it/You're begging for it/But you can't have it/Even if you try," and the self-deprecating "Hello stranger/I'm a disaster," we know from the get-go that the protagonist is looking around at the …
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Oh, plus one absolutely shameless scene that I sorta loved. The show is clearly a work-in-progress, but that doesn't mean it's in … Deacon's decision to tour with “sober band” the Rebel Kings was a smart move (“To sex, no drugs, and rock & roll …
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13 Responses to Golden-Voiced Ohio Homeless Man Headed to Rehab

  • sugmindaseable says:

    suck my bbc,? nigger motherfucker

  • domains38 says:

    DR.Phil is the biggest suckup two? face prick you will ever meet.

  • davidshryu says:

    obama? dopleganger

  • Yamartet says:

    i think your liein cuz that man has? been though so much to go to rehab so soon =_=

  • ThePureSkills99 says:

    He looks? like Ronaldinho and Barack Obama mixed together

  • Lundt93 says:

    your the best hahahhahaahaha the video wasnt so? fun but reading this comment made my day lol

  • TobyW360 says:


    Ok, so the original video? with 13 million views (which? was? gotten in just 48 hours), which was uploaded by the user ‘ritchey’, got removed do to Copyright.

    Later,? popular news shows? such as Associated Press, and others, uploaded the video. After they uploaded it, ritcheys video got removed for copyright! That’s wrong!

    Copyright is soon going to take over YouTube. Give? this comment? a thumbs up if? you agree.

    copy? and paste the message we must spread the word?

  • Nigelxman says:

    Should we really be surpised that he’s still an alcoholic? There IS a reason why the dude’s homeless. I personally think he’s? a great guy and I wanna see him get clean and stay clean. Almost as much as I wanna do the same. Fucker needs to go to AA or Rehab. I’m telling you, it will help. 🙂 Read this now and believe it later but it’s true amigas/amigos.

  • dreamdowner says:

    let the? golden voice drink!!!!!!!!

  • 3volved says:

    Okay..i? have to admit i lol’d

  • yucchhiiowwee says:

    You may not think of this, but as I would give the man a second chance, I would have my butt covered. I don’t claim to be a business man, BUT, some things would only be common sense that while I give a person the opportunity to prove him or herself, I may have holes to fill. So in a manner of speaking, I fill those holes with temporary filling. Anyway, Still, too many people out there on? the streets and somebody has to do SOMETHING to help the people. Surely “OUR GOVERNMENT WON’T!”

  • yucchhiiowwee says:

    U are missing my point. I have been in the music scene since 1981. Mostly working with bands then working doing concert security 4 the concert promoter Bill Graham (Who was killed in? a hellicopter crash in 1991) from 1987-1993. Then later as a stagehand in Virginia. While in California, I went 2 broadcasting school. The school itself was a rip off. Though I learned how 2 speak, (I can talk “ALMOST” as well as Ted.) Anyway, I was an intern at a San Jose A.O.R radio station. (Next)>

  • NoGuff says:

    You obviously never worked in the entertainment biz. For those who are not the stars are given 1 chance, because there’s about a million other people willing to do the same job & most don’t have drug problems or other drama in their lives. Tha’ts who employers prefer to hire because delays and missed? deadlines put them out of business. But don’t worry, your business would have no problem stay afloat while you miss deadlines & let down your clients, and pay for worker’s rehab.

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