Help Cure Patrick Swayze & Connie Loughman


Help Cure Patrick Swayze & Connie Loughman – Video made by: Presentation by the Loughman family of Indianapolis, IN. Connie Loughman, loving wife and mother of three daughters, is battling pancreatic cancer, the same disease that Hollywood legend, Patrick Swayze, recently announced he has. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer. 90% of patients die within 1-year of being diagnosed. Over 95% of patients die within 5-years of being diagnosed. The good news is that there is a revolutionary new treatment called TNFerade by GenVec, Inc. which is in clinical trials and has already cured patients and saved lives. The FDA allows persons with terminal illnesses for which there is no effective treatment protocol (a universe which includes pancreatic cancer patients) to obtain access to drugs in clinical trials – outside of the trial. It’s called expanded access use. The problem: GenVec, Inc. has denied requests by people with pancreatic cancer to receive the drug outside of the current PACT clinical trial – even those who are willing to pay for the costs of the treatment (such as the Loughman family). Please go to and ask GenVec, Inc. to grant compassionate use access of TNFerade to pancreatic cancer patients such as Connie Loughman and Patrick Swayze.


Cook wins approval for new stent

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“With this approval, treating PAD in the U.S. will begin to undergo the same revolution that drug elution did for treating coronary artery disease,” Dr. Gary Ansel, director of the Center for Critical Limb Care at Riverside Methodist Hospital in …
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Jennings Sunday: St. Vincent studying blood clots

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INDIANAPOLIS — A new clinical study, the first in the state for a promising treatment of pulmonary embolism, was recently demonstrated at Jennings St. Vincent Hospital. The hospital is participating in a landmark study to evaluate … The study, known …
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Bonita Lynn Fields Dead: Former Mouseketeer Dies At 68

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INDIANAPOLIS — Former Mouseketeer Bonita Lynn Fields Elder, an agile dancer who showcased those skills on the 1950s children's show "The Mickey Mouse Club" and later performed on Broadway, has died in Indiana at age 68. Her cousin Robbin ….. well …
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  • kozkakuauhtli1320 says:

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  • williambrown007 says:

    Essiac tea has helped my mother miracously. She was Stage 4 and now her cancer is? gone. Thanks to Renee Caisse Essiac tea. Gp to Natural Heritage Enterprise for more details.

  • Gemmalovespat says:

    lisa my neme? is gemma i under stand you i feel your pain if you need me i am hear allwas

  • caractacus3 says:

    I have written four comment on this video “Patrick Swayze”..Three have disappeared.

    Are you deleting..and for what rationale…Get the word Essiak.
    (deliberately spelled incorrectly” to Patrick..It will save his life..DO YOU CARE ENOUGH..
    Everything now being SCREENSHOT and? copied for my website narratives.

  • caractacus3 says:

    PNWScout2 is right.
    I have been researching over 6 month EVERYDAY DAY OF THE WEEK ..and what I found was “Essiac” (Canadian nurse’s name “Caisse” spelled backwards(
    My dog has nasal cancer and the vet gave her 2-4 months max..that was almost 9 months ago.
    I KNOW that Essiac has broken the back of her cancer and my only problem is? how to remove the very large lump(the dead cancer tumor )I am 100% convinced..Four of the five vets gave wrong diagnosis.Thats why I gotta do everything myself

  • cammz84 says:

    oh my god there is a cure?!?!? my dad just died 3 weeks ago from pancreatic cancer and they told him there was no cure.. even when they diagnosed him last year they just treated him to prolong his life..he battled it for 13 months, my heart goes out to you and your mum sweetie, i wish her all the best and hope she gets all the support and help.. pancreatic cancer is the worst.. and i hate to hear your mum, patrick swayze or anyone else who has to battle it.. all the best and? god bless xx

  • xxxxcrazyladyxxxx says:

    I lost my Grandma to Pancreatic Cancer January 1st 2007. Your video had me smiling through tears thinking about her just now. I wished she had the same chances as your Mom & Patrick Swayze. She was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in November after coming to the States to visit with me for 3? weeks in September. I felt when she left that I would never see her again. Docs gave her 1 – 2 months. She held on to celebrate Xmas back home with family & passed January 1 2007. God Bless your family

  • MookeyMonkey says:

    I wouldn’t wait! Natural cures Cantron is? one. CA fungal, sporonox pills? Graviola kills CA. Search “cancer tutor” Bill Henderson, cancer orgs,hosp,drug comp go outof bus if they report real cure for cancer. loss of jobs,revenue. Right now cars can run on h2o but big oil suppresses this technology. youtube cancer cure, DCA, cantron radio frequency waves.

  • PNWScout2 says:

    Hey I think this is the right place, I just seen your situation on the news with your mom having pancreatic cancer. This is no joke!!! Their’s a cancer cure out there and it’s natural. It’s called “essiac tea”. Do the internet research on this tea for more proof. A nurse whose name was Rene M. Cassie learned about this tea and used it to cure cancer in her? patients during the 20’s-50’s. It’s 100% natural and can be bought in the health food stores. Please Please look into this for your mom.

  • snake6589 says:

    I just saw your story on the news. Good for you. Some people are unhappy with you for thinking about? your mother and not the whole group. I would do the exact same thing. BRAVO. Keep fighting. I wonder what those people who want to wait for the clinical trials would do if it were their loved one. God Bless your mother.

  • coach2177 says:

    My father has been? living with pancreatic cancer for the last 2 and half years. He was not able to have the Whipple Procedure done but is he still doing ok. There is hope. As he always says, don’t look at statisics because your not a stat til it’s all over. They can record it later.

  • 52blueeyes says:

    As stated above, drug companies have to follow FDA guidelines to finally get a drug approved.

    As advertised on TV, most companies will help low income people with their? meds if needed. Your Doc needs to fill out forms though.

    Not many positive things are put in the media about the companies, but with research you CAN get help.

    Check out the Whipple Method. A friend of mine got help with meds from a Drug Company. It did not cure him, but he lived a longer life.

    My prayers to all of you.

  • Bears08 says:

    I saw your story on the news just now. I’m an 18 year leukemia survivor. I had cancer when I was five, I’m? 24 now. I hate drug companies; they are being so heartless. I really hope you mom gets the help she needs. My thoughts and prayers are with you, if I can help in any way, I’ll try.

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