Help for Family Members of Alcoholics


Help For Family Members Of Alcoholics – Tips to help you and your family members in your daily interactions with the alcoholic. Proven methods to help you handle a love ones addiction. Tip 1-You cannot force them to quit drinking. Think about all the times that you have tried and ask yourself if anything you have done to this point has worked. An alcoholic must make the decision on their own to quit Tip 2-Realize that you have lost your identity- It happens to all of us when we are concerned about someone’s drinking problem. We get so entangled in their affairs that we begin to forget to enjoy our own life. We must start doing things that we love to do apart from obsessing over the alcoholic. Tip 3-Mind your own business-Imagine if you had a hola hoop around you. Inside of the hola hoop is your life. Anything outside of that hoop you really have little control over. Tend to your own life and let the alcoholic go. When you feel as though you want to get into their business, just remind yourself to “mind your own business.” Alcoholics provides help for family members of alcoholics. We don’t necessarily give information to help the alcoholic family member get sober though. Our focus is on teaching you how to cope with a loved one who suffers from addiction problems.


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