How Do You Feel About Drinking and Drug Abuse?

Question by Tori1315: How do you feel about drinking and drug abuse?
I am doing a alcohol and drug abuse awareness and I need people to answer the following questions:

1)How do you feel about drinking and drug abuse?
2)How are you affected by drinking and drug abuse?
3)How does that person who is drinking and doing drugs hurt you?
This is for a project at school!

Best answer:

Answer by Laura
I find drinking relaxing and understand that drug use doesn’t always equal drug abuse. Get your thit together sister.

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CONJESTINA ACHIENG WHAT AILS FORMER BOXING CHAMPION – on Monday News At Eight brought you an exclusive story on Conjestina Achieng recent sorry condition. Today we explore her condition, state of mind and the possibility of curing it. We spoke to the psychiatrist and former Mathare Mental Hospital Director Dr. Peter Njagi who took time to watch Conjestina’s behaviours and say Conjestina does not show classical features of mental disorder. Dr. Peter Njagi is a psychiatrist and expert on alcohol, drug abuse treatment, former Director at Mathare mental hospital and currently the Director of Brightside Drug Abuse, rehabilitation and treatment centre


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“After he had done the search and everything, he said, “I need you to help me,'” recalled Chafchak, who said he was introduced to Shannon by Windsor police drug-squad members. “'You have to find me drug dealers who have drugs on them. I pull them over …
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9 Responses to How Do You Feel About Drinking and Drug Abuse?

  • Annan says:

    1)drinking i dont mind actually… kinda fun at times…drug abuse a strict no…..stds and drugs are kinda same 2 me..:)
    2)im not affected nyway except that i get drunk… n dats gud at times…my pals have drugs and its not the same as being high kinda i dont give them company
    3)na they just mind their on stuff.. crack jokes and lugh at nothing mostly.. laughter dont hurt i suppose

  • Moose says:

    1)How do you feel about drinking and drug abuse?
    Abusing is bad, sometimes having a drink is totally fine.

    2)How are you affected by drinking and drug abuse?
    My mother, a friend.

    3)How does that person who is drinking and doing drugs hurt you?
    Repeatedly does things that ruin other people’s lives.

  • XQuiet- Is- FearedX says:

    1.) I feel drinking/ drug abuse is a personal decision, people have the choice whether to take drugs or to keep chugging alcohol, its all up to them. They are probably aware of the health issues, and the life-shortage it can cause, but again… if they want to submerge themselves in drugs and alcohol, then let them. It may help the over come life and/ or issues.

    2.) My friend was a drug addict. She still is. I hated seeing her stoned all the time, she was baked constantly, and was always asking for money, or for help. I got fed up and told her to straighten up her life, because I dont want to deal with a drug-abuser. She got offended, and hasn’t talken to me since. Honestly, I de-friended her. I was tired of it, and she wasn’t even my friend anymore, so why bother acting like she was.

    3.) The person didnt hurt me, I hurt them. My short-temper hurt them, I deliberately told my friend I dont want to be friends or even talk to her again, until she realizes what she is doing, and then when she straightens out her life, helps herself over come this drug addiction, then I will possiby talk to her again. She was quite upset, but honestly, she only wanted drugs, coke, meth, anything she could get. Im not into drugs, and I dont want to baby sit a person, whos so baked she cant even talk right :S
    She was a pain, and got me into trouble alot, I dont need friends like that.

  • Sirkal73 says:

    Frank Bruno? comes to mind… will never go away but can be controled…Mental Health Practioner UK

  • Rasprogress says:

    Bipolar disorder is very treatable. Conjestina needs a regiment of tranquilizers, mood stabilizers, antidepressants, psychotherapy/psychoanalysis and a new outlook on life. Although the condition is treatable, it doesn’t mean she will live a life free of histrionic episodes. With medication and psychiatric help, the condition becomes more tolerable. The govt really can’t do much unless u want them to foot the bill. And not in? Mathare. No. She needs Nairobi Hospital.

  • terrluzan says:

    you have said it well….? tutajitegemea na tumsaidie.. Mungu atatubariki… I am just hoping that this doctor isnt looking for a way to make money.. hope he is Genuine… n best wishes and Prayers Conje.

  • radiorednoise says:

    This government is soooo…I? don’t even know. They said they would help her.
    I seriously wonder how it is that those clowns have managed to stay in office without Kenya burning to the ground.
    God must just really love us.
    As for Conjestina. It’s okay.
    We fed people in Turkana by ourselves and we are going to bring zack back by ourselves.
    If it is helping you, we will do it.

  • Vinnie Akah says:

    conje is mentally sick.. she need to pcp?

  • mswaki1 says:

    Very? informative. Thanks

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