How Does Alcohol or Drug Abuse Affect the Individual and Their Family?

Question by tearsofaclown: How does alcohol or drug abuse affect the individual and their family?
How does alcohol or drug abuse affect the user and their family? How do they feel? What do they do? What can they do?

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Answer by Julia III
The family feels scared, helpless and confused. The only help for the addict is to enter a residential treatment program. From my experience, out-patient doesn’t work, counseling alone doesn’t work and suboxone alone doesn’t work. Get the patient into a treatment center. At least there will be hope again.

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Gov. Beshear announces grants for state substance abuse prevention, treatment

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The funding will support programs aimed at adolescents with mental health and substance use disorders and help fight underage drinking and prescription drug abuse among Kentuckians 12-25 years old. “This funding will bolster our efforts to reduce the …
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Obamacare Provides Significant Reform On Substance Abuse Treatment

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2 Responses to How Does Alcohol or Drug Abuse Affect the Individual and Their Family?

  • Erica says:

    Alc. will make the user more and more depressed and will cause them to say weird things

  • Bert Weidemeier says:

    It can tear apart and divide a family. The family’s life will be filled with lies, denials, blames and a ton of finger pointing. The hardest part is to get someone to realize and believe that they truly have an alcohol or drug problem, once you do that, then you can start to get them help to clear up the problem.

    I went thru this and it literally divided the family because of the persons’ lying; and now he wants forgiveness…bull$ hit!!

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