How Is Safe Is Owensboro KY and Evansville Indiana?

Question by John H: How is safe is Owensboro KY and Evansville Indiana?
I was wondering how safe the Owensboro KY and Evansville Indiana areas are? I have been considering close to those areas.

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Answer by Randy
Both are fairly safe; Evansville’s traffic is heavier, but it’s a prettier town, with more activities. Owensboro is okay, but aside from the main drag, it’s dull.

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One Response to How Is Safe Is Owensboro KY and Evansville Indiana?

  • apple picking™ [f*ck suspension] says:

    Thank God we have an answer I can truly answer and be 1000% correct on.

    I live in Spencer County [Santa Claus, Rockport, etc.]
    Now lets get down to the nitty gritty.

    In terms of safety, it is safe. Not a lot of gang activity, because people here think gang members are idiots. Murders rarely happen. Rapes happen, but not any more than it does anywhere else. Robberies happen, but where does it not happen? Domestic disputes are common as in Evansville has one of the highest divorce rates in the nation, fights happen, war on drugs always makes an interesting story here, and drama happens here to the extreme. Those are the only debbie-downers I can basically say. Pretty much if you aren’t stupid, you’ll be fine. You can walk alone at all times of the day and not worried about being abused in some way.

    If you are going to choose to live in one, I’d go with Owensboro for the following reasons.
    Owensboro is less crowded, it is more suitable for living, and it’s a nice town overall. They are right now innovating a lot of the areas by the blue bridge. Gas is much cheaper in Owensboro, we all go there to get it. Owensboro is also adding more to the city especially out on 54 [leitchfield exit on the bypass].

    However, there isn’t as much to do in Owensboro. Evansville is where we all go to do the fun stuff. The mall is much nicer, it has more options of hang outs and opportunities. Also the jobs are more efficient there. However, the neighborhoods aren’t particularly livable in my opinion. They are safe, but they aren’t just the greatest.

    The good thing about the tri-state is that the economy is superb.

    Anyway here is your best option.
    Live in Spencer County or Warrick County.
    They are in between both Evansville and Owensboro, the schools are superb, the houses and neighborhoods are great.
    I would suggest live in Newburgh [the town outside of Evansville in Warrick County] however, I am assuming you don’t have a million dollars to throw out of your pocket.

    So the places you should look mostly into are Grandview, Rockport, Santa Claus [I do warn you traffic is hell in the summer]. and Boonville, [Newburgh if you have the money.]

    To the first answerer, yes traffic is a little heavier in Evansville, BUT it’s a lot easier to drive. Owensboro can be hell to drive in, especially on Frederica. The heavier traffic in Evansville is mostly on the Lloyd, Burkhardt, and Green River, but they are easier to access and drive on in my opinion [trust me, i suck at driving].

    If you do have any more questions, feel free to message me. I will not give you my address or phone number for safety reasons.

    oh yeah and another great plus is that you are in the middle of EVERYTHING.
    for example 1.5 hours away from Louisville, 2 away from Nashville, 3 St. Louis, a little less 3 from Indy, 3.5 from Cinci.

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