How to Overcome a Food Addiction?

Question by Sara: How to overcome a food addiction?
I’m an 18 year old female and I’ve struggled with food addiction since I was a child. I know how to diet and I know what foods and it what quantities I need to be eating to lose weight, but towards the end of the day I just can’t seem to help snacking. I really want to lose the last 20 or 30 pounds that I need, but I need some tips or something for distracting myself from grazing. I don’t know if it’s an oral fixation or what, but if anyone can give me some pointers on avoiding snacking towards the end of the day. Thanks!

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Answer by Susanna
I understand your frustration.
Some things that will help. First, find something, anything to do to keep yourself distracted. go out, go shopping, watch a movie, play a game, read…just anything that will keep you out of the kitchen and thinking of other things.
Second, chew some gum. That will keep your mouth busy.
you could also try going to bed earlier if needed. then you’ll be sleeping and not eating.
call or talk to someone you like and that could keep your mind off things.
worse comes to worse, eat something really low calorie like veggies or fruit with some dip and measure yourself out a small amount so you don’t overeat.
good luck 🙂

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