How to Tell My Parents I Want Rehab?

Question by milky pirate;!: How to tell my parents I want rehab?
I have a God awful drug problem. I’m always broke because of it, and I once stole $ 20 from my dad, just for drug money. How would I tell my parents to put me in rehab? I’m 15..

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Answer by bad girl
Tell them you must have an important conversation with them. Then tell them you have a drug problem and as hard as you have tried you cannot break it. Obviously you need trained care. Good luck.

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Hole – Old Age (‘Beautiful Son’ Single) – JUSTICE FOR COURTNEY AND HER DAUGHTER !!! What was she for Halloween The ugliest girl you’ve ever seen Promise not to tell on me What was she for Valentines’s An old forgotten rape of mine Promise not to tell on me He said to me, I know where you’ve been I already heard you binge and you purge Old age It’s okay to kill your idols Just pretend you have no rivals They all think the pie was endless Little parties petal pink The big princess she drugs my drink They don’t know that we are friendless He said to me, I know where you’ve been I already heard you binge and you purge Old age And I beg you, I said, Pretty please Make me pure again, Oh make me clean Black acid, It pulls the scum You must be the lucky one Who gets to supply my demand What a waste of sperm and eggs Just falls off his bambi leg You can always go back to rehab He said to me, I know what you’ve been I already heard you binge and you purge Old age Im sorry


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  • Kylee says:

    It’s great that you realize you need to get help. There is going to be no easy way. They might yell, they might scream, but they will calm down because they love you and want the best for you. Just realize it is something that you need to do, and make sure you’re parents understand that.

  • J H says:

    First of all …It is wonderful that you recognize and admit you have a problem–especially at 15. I am a 27 year old girl who is currently in drug treatment. I have been sober coming up on one year. I have had a problem with addiction since the age of 13. I come from a very “normal” family. My parents are together and neither drink nor do drugs. They have suspected my problem for many years as their have been many red flags in my behavior. I can tell you if you do not get help it will get worse..addiction is a chronic and progressive disease and it will never go away. Even if you stop using it will come out and manifest itself in some other way–an eating disorder, shop lifting, shopping, gambling, sex etc etc.. You need to sit down with your parents and tell them you need to have a serious talk. And then just be honest. Tell them you love them so much and you are scared, you have a problem and realize that you no longer have control . Maybe write it out may help.. I did not have to go to inpatient rehab.. I found a wonderful chemical dependency therapist in my area who got me clean. I was hooked on percocets and oxys , and also used cocaine, alcohol , xananx, and marijuana recreation ally. He put me on suboxine and treated me until I was able to detox from that. I attend therapy with him as well as regular NA meetings. Every situation and person is different is all I am saying. I think rehab is a wonderful thing, there are so many options and programs out there now ..your parents love you and even if they are shocked or mad or scream or whatever..TRUST ME they will be so happy and love you even more after…my mom recently said the nicest thing to me. We have had horrible fights my entire life and constantly butted heads. She saw my doctor the other day and she teared up and said to him “Thank you so much , I feel like I finally have my daughter back, I felt like I lost her all those years ago and you brought her back”. And that moved me so much because I never realized how deeply my disease affected my family .
    Best of luck to you . It will be ok. Stay strong and just make sure you follow through. The hardest part is coming clean and admitting you are powerless. Tell them. Tell everyone who loves you. They will support you and doing that will make it harder to fall back into it all because they will be aware now.

    “We admitted we were powerless over drugs, that our lives had become unmanageable “.

  • KhakiGaming says:

    This? is good but oh GOD Nirvana’s version is a million billion times better. i think it should have been o nevermind.

  • chilipeppers91 says:

    This is from the Beautiful Son single, released a? year before Kurt’s death. 5 seconds on Wikipedia would’ve yielded you that info.

  • TheAttackOfMusic says:

    Chills.. FUCKING Chills. <3
    Great? <3

  • PolitiekincorrectTV says:


  • simbabrorly says:

    what does that have to? do with anything

  • amarylliscobain says:

    people do you have proof to show that she had sang this song before he? died?because of everything i’ve seen from courtney, she’s just a bitch…

  • jealousyjones says:

    I have been? looking for this version forEVER! Thank you!!

  • KunJieBentRoy says:

    You have to binge first then? you can purge….

  • soto2427 says:

    So Courtney, Where were? you for halloween?

  • kaza4gj says:

    Whats the “Justice for Courtney and her daughter”? about?

  • 84valeucn says:


  • delilah514 says:

    you all can bash Courtney as much as you want, but she is a gifted song writer. This song aka the cords may be originally kurts. But he? obviously gave it to her cuz Hole has versions of this going back to before he died. I am sick of the bashing. Just get over it. I <3 Kurt & I <# Courtney & I am sick of the conspiracy theories!

  • Inselamore says:

    LOL.? Nice comment. 😀

  • TheDianaJC says:


  • ESSIGUTT01 says:

    I Like the? original version best when cobain sings it 😉

  • Mandy Lynn says:

    I? wish we could Purge Old Age……

  • catherinew5690 says:

    one of the best courtney videos ive ever seen! i love? how its can also see how much she has changed her face haha…i think she was beautiful at 1990 but i REALLY dont see why she thought she wasnt perfect during Malibu era…i wish she would like herself 🙁

  • pearlthegirl says:


  • Linda U says:

    I love her…beautiful? work!

  • Nikinhah says:

    great? video!!!

  • nenedate says:

    I love how she looked as a teenager!?

  • kurtcobainluver27 says:

    2:12 is the saddest picture and the saddest time of her? life 2… :’ (

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